150 Holbrook Road, Holbrook, NY 11741

  • Monday – Friday 9:30am – 9:00pm
  • Saturday 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Board of Trustees

Sachem Public Library is governed by a Board consisting of 5 elected Trustees. Each Trustee serves a five-year term with one position coming up for election each year.

  • Robert Winowitch, President Term expires 6/30/2021

  • Diane Longo, Vice President Term expires 6/30/2020

  • Marguerite Barone, Secretary Term expires 6/30/2023

  • Carol Paulson Term expires 6/30/2024

  • Dennis Flavin Term expires 6/30/2022

Board Meetings | 2019

All Meetings are at 7:00pm except where noted.

Annual Budget

What is your Sachem Public Library Card Worth to You?

What would the services of your public library cost if you had to pay for them directly?
Use this simple calculator to estimate the value of your library use.

  • Enter in the left hand column the number of times per year you or your family use each service.
  • Estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right.
  • Total annual value of your library use is shown at the bottom of the worksheet.

Tip: Tab between entries and do not use commas.

Input Your Use Library Services Value of Services

How These Values Were Calculated

Estimated or Average New York Values with Explanation

Item: Estimated Retail Value: Values Explained
Book borrowed $15.00 Estimated average discount cost of hardcover and paperback books
Audiobook borrowed $15.00 Individual Audiobooks price at Audible.com
Movie borrowed $4.00 Sample rental cost of DVD at national chain store

Music CD borrowed $10.00 Estimated purchase cost of popular music CD
Magazine read $3.00 Estimated purchase cost of popular magazine issue
Newspaper read $0.50 Estimated purchase cost of newspaper issue

Interlibrary Loan request $25.00 Average cost for loans in New York
Adult program or class attended $10.00 Estimate
Museum Passes used $15.00 Estimated average cost of museum admission

Teen program attended $6.00 Estimate
Children's program attended $6.00 Estimate
Meeting Room use per hour $10.00 Estimate

Computer use per hour $12.00 Sample hourly rate at copy center
Technical assistance $40.00 Current hourly rate at Staples
Online Tool used $20.00 Minimum cost for monthly access to sample online tool
Reference Question asked $5.00 Estimated cost per question

Our thanks to the Massachusetts Library Association.
This form was adapted by Sachem Public Library.

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