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Mutt-I-Grees Club

Help us with projects to benefit local animal shelters and complete various tasks to earn community service credit.  Teens may earn up to 9 hours per month for projects completed at home.

Chalk Your Walk

Spend an hour chalking your walk to spread joy and cheer throughout the community. Earn 1 hour of Community Service.

Sachem TeenStrumentals

Submit musical recordings for our TeenStrumentals Podcast on Soundcloud to be shared with the community. Earn 3 Community Service Hours while sharing your love of music.

Cards of Cheer

Create (4) cheerful cards for residents of local assisted living facilities. Complete this application to receive guidelines on this project. You may earn up to 2 hours community service per month

Database Review

Learn about the library’s databases and gain community service hours. Watch one database tutorial video from the Sachem Public Library YouTube channel playlist “Explore our Databases” and write a 250-350-word review. Earn 1 service hour for completion of a review, an additional .5 hour is available to those who also create a video review.

Project in a Pouch

Request a project pouch to take home and complete on your own time. Earn up to 5 hours per month. You may check out a pouch once per month for a period of 7 days. Limited number of pouches are available.

"History of the People" Project

Have you ever wondered what brought you and your neighbors to this very spot? How is this community shaped by who we are and where we came from? Earn 2-3 community service hours while helping us build a picture of who we are as a “people”. Record interviews with your parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors while safely social distancing.  Recordings will be shared on the libraries’ social media accounts.  Sign up for more information on this project!

Muttigrees: Adoption Tails

Have you rescued a shelter pet and given them a new home?  Tell us your story and why rescuing and adopting a shelter pet is so important.  Each inspiring story per pet will be worth 1 hour of community service.

Learn Something - Lead the Way

Are you ready to lead the way? Watch librarian-selected documentaries that allow you to gain perspective and prompt acts of service in the Sachem community – while also practicing safe social distancing! Receive 2 hours community service for each documentary viewed and questionnaire completed.

By participating in this program you are giving back to your community in the following ways: (1) Becoming informed through documentaries. (2) Actively participating in a dialogue on important issues. (3) Exploring important community issues and spreading awareness by becoming leaders within the community, physically and virtually.  

Teen Book Reviewers

Love to read? Earn community service credit by reviewing award-winning Young Adult books selected by the American Library Association. The application and booklists are available below or in Teen Services. You will earn 3 hours of community service for each review that meets all of the requirements, up to 9 hours per month.

Some Tips:

Check with your family before volunteering for a project or with an organization. Some organizations may have minimum age requirements or require training. It is your responsibility to make sure that the community service program you volunteer for will qualify with the organization that is tracking your community service hours. The library is not responsible for tracking community service hours served with outside organizations.

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