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The burning shadow / Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Armentrout, Jennifer L., author.

Kingdom of souls / Rena Barron.

Barron, Rena, author.

Our wayward fate / Gloria Chao.

Chao, Gloria, 1986- author.

Verify / Joelle Charbonneau.

Charbonneau, Joelle, author.

Becoming Beatriz / Tami Charles.

Charles, Tami, author.

Awkward / Svetlana Chmakova.

Chmakova, Svetlana, 1979- author, artist.

The good luck girls / Charlotte Nicole Davis.

Davis, Charlotte Nicole, author.

10 blind dates / Ashley Elston.

Elston, Ashley, author.

Return of the Temujai / John Flanagan.

Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.

Allies / Alan Gratz.

Gratz, Alan, 1972- author.

Skyjacked / Paul Griffin.

Griffin, Paul, 1966- author.

Gut check / Eric Kester.

Kester, Eric, author.

Invisible Emmie / Terri Libenson.

Libenson, Terri, author.

Just Jaime / Terri Libenson.

Libenson, Terri, author, artist.

Positively Izzy / Terri Libenson.

Libenson, Terri, author, artist.

Light it up / Kekla Magoon.

Magoon, Kekla, author.

American royals / Katharine McGee.

McGee, Katharine, author.

Queen of the sea / Dylan Meconis.

Meconis, Dylan, author.

Topside / J. N. Monk Harry Bogosian.

Monk, J. N., 1986- author.

Slay / Brittney Morris.

Morris, Brittney, author.

Master of the phantom isle / Brandon Mull.

Mull, Brandon, 1974- author.

Fireborne / Rosaria Munda.

Munda, Rosaria, author.

Dear Sweet Pea / Julie Murphy.

Murphy, Julie, 1985- author.

The secret commonwealth / Philip Pullman.

Pullman, Philip, 1946-, author.

Orpheus girl / Brynne Rebele-Henry.

Rebele-Henry, Brynne, 1999- author.

Witchy / Ariel Slamet Ries.

Ries, Ariel Slamet, author, artist.

Out of Salem / Hal Schrieve.

Schrieve, Hal, author.

The infinite noise / Lauren Shippen.

Shippen, Lauren, author.

Scars like wings / Erin Stewart.

Stewart, Erin, 1982- author.

Jackpot / Nic Stone.

Stone, Nic, author.

Tiger queen / Annie Sullivan.

Sullivan, Annie, 1987- author.

Roll with it / Jamie Sumner.

Sumner, Jamie, author.

Guts / Raina Telgemeier with color by Braden Lamb.

Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.

Cosmoknights / Hannah Templer.

Templer, Hannah, author.

Are you listening? / Tillie Walden.

Walden, Tillie, 1996- author, artist.

The prince and the dressmaker / Jen Wang

Wang, Jen, 1984- author, artist

Stargazing / Jen Wang color by Lark Pien.

Wang, Jen, 1984- author, artist.