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How it all blew up / Arvin Ahmadi.

Ahmadi, Arvin, author.

The companion / Katie Alender.

Alender, Katie, author.

Chasing Lucky / Jenn Bennett.

Bennett, Jenn, author.

Sasha Masha / Agnes Borinsky.

Borinsky, Agnes, author.

Rent a boyfriend / Gloria Chao.

Chao, Gloria, author.

Brave / Svetlana Chmakova.

Chmakova, Svetlana, 1979- author.

Vicious spirits / Kat Cho.

Cho, Kat, author.

A golden fury / Samantha Cohoe.

Cohoe, Samantha, author.

Throwaway girls / by Andrea Contos.

Contos, Andrea, author.

My heart underwater / Laurel Flores Fantauzzo.

Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores, author.

White Fox / Sara Faring.

Faring, Sara, author.

Beyond the ruby veil / Mara Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald, Mara, author.

The missing prince / John Flanagan.

Flanagan, John (John Anthony), author.

Queen of volts / Amanda Foody.

Foody, Amanda, author.

Sources say / Lori Goldstein.

Goldstein, Lori (Lori A.), author.

Eventide / Sarah Goodman.

Goodman, Sarah, author.

Kind of a big deal / Shannon Hale.

Hale, Shannon, author.

The black kids / Christina Hammonds Reed.

Hammonds Reed, Christina, author.

Closer to nowhere / Ellen Hopkins.

Hopkins, Ellen, author.

Every body looking / Candice Iloh.

Iloh, Candice, author.

Roller girl / by Victoria Jamieson.

Jamieson, Victoria, author.

Shine / Jessica Jung.

Jung, Jessica, 1989- author.

Blue exorcist. 2 / Kazue Kato.

Katō, Kazue, 1980- author.

Six angry girls / Adrienne Kisner.

Kisner, Adrienne. author.

The bridge / Bill Konigsberg.

Konigsberg, Bill, author.

Yo-kai watch. 13 / story and art by Noriyuki Konishi.

Konishi, Noriyuki, author, artist.

Yo-kai watch. 15 / story and art by Noriyuki Konishi.

Konishi, Noriyuki, author, artist.

Stranded / Jannette LaRoche.

LaRoche, Jannette, author.

K-pop confidential / Stephan Lee.

Lee, Stephan, author.

Horrid / Katrina Leno.

Leno, Katrina, author.

Skyhunter / Marie Lu.

Lu, Marie, 1984- author.

Kingdom of the Wicked / Kerri Maniscalco.

Maniscalco, Kerri, author.

None shall sleep / Ellie Marney.

Marney, Ellie, author.

Facing the sun / Janice Lynn Mather.

Mather, Janice Lynn, author.

The cousins / Karen M. McManus.

McManus, Karen M., author.

Furia / Yamile Saied Méndez.

Méndez, Yamile Saied, author.

Instant karma / Marissa Meyer.

Meyer, Marissa, author.

Midnight sun / Stephanie Meyer.

Meyer, Stephenie, 1973- author.

Breathless / Jennifer Niven.

Niven, Jennifer, author.

Blazewrath games / Amparo Ortiz.

Ortiz, Amparo, author.

You were never here / Kathleen Peacock.

Peacock, Kathleen, author.

Accidental / by Alex Richards.

Richards, Alex, 1979- author.

Never look back / Lilliam Rivera.

Rivera, Lilliam, author.

I hope you’re listening / Tom Ryan.

Ryan, Tom, 1977 February 26- author.

The shadow mission / Shamim Sarif.

Sarif, Shamim, author.

The way back / Gavriel Savit.

Savit, Gavriel, author.

Smash It! / Francina Simone.

Simone, Francina, author.

The Seven Deadly Sins. 40 / Nakaba Suzuki.

Suzuki, Nakaba, 1977- author, artist.

His favorite. 1 / [story and art by Suzuki Tanaka].

Tanaka, Suzuki, author, illustrator.

His favorite. 11 / Suzuki Tanaka.

Tanaka, Suzuki, author, artist.

The magic fish / Trung Le Nguyen.

Trung, Le Nguyen, author.

Who I was with her / Nita Tyndall.

Tyndall, Nita, author.

Far from normal / Becky Wallace.

Wallace, Becky, author.

Love & olives / Jenna Evans Welch.

Welch, Jenna Evans, author.

The assignment / Liza Wiemer.

Wiemer, Liza, author.

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