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PARP Winter Reading Club- Arrr You Ready to Read?

Sachem Library
For families with children birth through 5th grade

PARP 2016 Kick Off Show- Pirate School:
We Treasure Books
Friday, January 29 at 7pm

Arrr you ready to read? Enlist in Pirate School with Captain Billy Bones and become a bookaneer. Then set sail on a reading adventure to discover the treasure of reading together as a family! (for families with children from birth through fifth grade)
Registration for the kick-off show begins, Friday, January 15th at 9:30am by telephone or online.

Registering for the PARP Kick Off show automatically registers you for the Winter Reading Club. You'll receive your kick-off prize and treasure map/reading log at pirate school (If you can’t make it to the show, your reading materials will be available to pick up the following day at the Children’s Reference desk). Once you've found the treasure, sail on back to the library for your completion prize beginning March 1st.

To complete the program, adult partners read to or with their children 15 minutes a day for a total of 30 days. Each family that completes the program will receive a certificate of achievement and a prize.

Registration for the Kick-Off Show (automatically enters you in to PARP reading club): January 15th at 9:30am by telephone or online.

Kick-Off Show: Friday, January 29 at 7pm
In-Person and online registration for Reading Club: January 30- March 1
Reading Period: January 29- April 1
First Date to return reading logs: March 1
Last Date to return reading logs: April 1

Register for the PARP Kick Off Show

Register for the PARP Reading Club

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