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The adventure begins here! The Library has passes to 15 area museums around Long Island and New York City that you and your family can visit for free. Please read the following, then choose to accept at the bottom of this page in order to see the list of available passes and dates and make your reservation.

  1. How do I reserve a Museum Adventure Pass?
  2. Adult cardholders, 18 and over, should select the date of your intended visit. Then select the museum you want to attend. All reservations should be made for the actual date of your intended visit and can be made up to two months in advance. Each museum reserves the right to determine the rules and regulations governing usage.

  3. How long may I keep the Museum Adventure Pass?
  4. Passes may be picked up on the day before your visit to the museum and will be checked out on the Sachem Library card used to make the reservation. The pass must be returned to the Library by closing the day after your visit. (The American Museum of Natural History is on a voucher system, and these one-time use vouchers do not need to be returned.) If the Library is closed on the due date, the pass will be due by closing the next day the Library is open. This date will be indicated on the date due slip given to you at checkout.

  5. What if I return the Museum Adventure Pass late?
  6. A $20 per day fee will be charged to your library card if the pass is returned late.

  7. What if I lose the Museum Adventure Pass?
  8. A replacement fee equal to the full value of the missing pass will be charged to your card.

  9. How many Museum Adventure Passes may I check out?
  10. Each Sachem Public Library cardholder 18 years of age and older may check out one Museum Adventure pass in a 30-day period. Multiple reservations within that period will result in the Library deleting your additional reservations at our discretion. Your card must be in good standing.

  11. How many people does each admit?
  12. Each participating museum sets its own limits which are listed on the reservation page under "pass details."

  13. May I use the Museum Adventure Pass more than once?
  14. Yes, you may, as long as the pass is returned by the due date.

  15. Where do I pick up my Museum Adventure Pass?
  16. Go to the Welcome Desk to begin your Museum Adventure.

  17. Where do I return my Museum Adventure Pass?
  18. The pass must be returned in person at the Welcome Desk in its original folder. Under no circumstances should the pass be left in any of the book returns or on a counter.

  19. May I renew my Museum Adventure Pass?
  20. Passes may not be renewed.

  21. Can I view my Museum Adventure Pass reservation?
  22. Yes. You may view your reservations and make changes online at [My Passes] on our Museum Adventure page. As a courtesy to others, please cancel any reservation you will not be using as soon as possible. If an unused reservation is not cancelled, you will be unable to reserve a pass that month.

  23. How do I cancel my reservation?
  24. Go online to [My Passes] on our Museum Adventure page. Click on [My Passes], enter your barcode and you will be able to view and cancel your reservation.

By clicking "Accept," I agree to abide by the rules governing access to museum passes.


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