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Local History

Arrowhead Collection

E. Bassford Hawkins (1893-1977) collected 2,000 arrowheads within a four mile radius of Lake Ronkonkoma.

A sampling of this collection, which Mr. Hawkins donated to the Library, is on display in the Local History Room. The balance of the arrowheads is on permanent loan to the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society.

Gurtha H. Strand Collection

The Gurtha H. Strand Collection captures through still photography the Holbrook area from the late 19th Century to 1970. Many of these photographs are included in Ms. Strand's Book, Memories From Holbrook.

Overton Tapes of Brookhaven Town

During the late 1990's Brookhaven Town Historian David Overton composed and recorded short histories of the towns, villages and hamlets of Brookhaven, NY. These vignettes were originally broadcast on Mr. Overton's weekly radio program. Mr. Overton worked with the Library to digitalize these tapes so that they could be made more available as a permanent record of Brookhaven's local lore.

Robert Jama — Long Island Railroad Slide Collection

Between 1968 and 2005 Robert Jama photographed Long Island Railroad trains and stations. This vast collection consists of 1,456 color slides.

Farmingville Historical Society

The Farmingville Historical Society was formed in 1992 to preserve and restore the Bald Hill Schoolhouse, the oldest one-room school house on its original foundation in Suffolk County. The Society has also acquired the historic Elijah Terry House, which has been relocated to the Bald Hill Schoolhouse site. The site is adjacent to the Farmingville Hills County Park, located across from the Farmingville Post Office on Portion Road/County Road 16 in Farmingville.

Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Organization/Historical Commission

The only Lake Ronkonkoma authority charged with town-wide historic and heritage responsibilities including administering the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966; the Historic Landmarks of Lake Ronkonkoma; The Historic Marker Program; The Demolition Delay*, and any other Historic Recognition of interesting sites that fit into these categories.

Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society

The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society was founded in 1976, and it's mission is to celebrate and preserve the rich history of the Lake Ronkonkoma area. They operate two museums: The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society Museum located in The Ronkonkoma Free Library building, originally opened in 1916; and The Fitz-Greene Hallock Homestead Museum, a 14-room home built in 1888, which is complete with all the original Hallock family furnishings. They have also collected thousands of historical Ronkonkoma artifacts and photographs, and the Society offers various tours and programs throughout the year at both museum locations.