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American Heroes

Tuesday, May 2 7:00pm
Acts of heroism have always been considered the highest form of human conduct. While some might argue that the word “hero” is passed around too much these days, we need heroes now more than ever. Tara Rider of Stony Brook University will explore some of the American heroes who have shaped our lives, including Rosa Parks, Samuel Mulford, General John Pershing, Rachel Carson, and Elliot Ness.

Spring Programs

The spring program brochures are here. Pick up your copy today. Read More...

Free Comic Book Day

Channel your inner Superhero with crafts, movies, video games, and more! Dress up as your favorite superhero or invent your own. There will be local comic book makers and free goodies. Open to all. No registration required. Read More...

Home Cooking for Your Dog & Cat, Part II

Wednesday, May 3 7:00pm
At this follow-up to the January lecture by Christine M. Filardi, author of Home Cooking for Your Dog, you will have the opportunity to discuss your pet’s new diet and the changes you have seen in your pet’s health and behavior. Christine will also provide a review of biologically appropriate diets for dogs and cats for those who missed Part I. Learn about animal ailments and toxicity from commercial pet food and the truth about vaccines, vaccinosis, an