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Endangered Species Success Stories

Wednesday, August 20 7:00pm
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the last passenger pigeon, once the world's most abundant bird. The good news is that many animals once destined for extinction have been spared this irreversible fate. Sue Krause, wildlife educator, will share the amazing comeback stories of a variety of beautiful creatures, including the bald eagle, whooping crane, black-footed ferret, and California condor.

FALL 2014 Programs

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Friday, August 22nd from 4-8pm
Experience all the awesomeness of a CON without the hype! Get your cosplay on and share your love of all things anime, manga, and comics. Play D&D, CCGs, make crafts, and watch movies. Don’t forget to dress up and dance in the masquerade! No registration required.

Special appearances by Inbeon Studios, Horror Writers Association of Long Island, the 501st Legion, and MORE!

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Youthful Aging, Ageless Consciousness through Meditation

Wednesday, August 20 7:00pm
Dr. Matthew Raider, who has practiced and taught geriatric medicine for the last 30 years, will present his method of maintaining youthful function in advancing age. Dr. Raider will discuss the medical evidence regarding exercise, diet, and meditation for modifying the aging process, and will also present the core aspects of the meditation experience on individual consciousness.