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eBook Readers

  1. How do I reserve an eBook Reader?
  2. Adult cardholders, 18 and over, are entitled to reserve an eBook Reader via the Library's online catalog.

  3. What titles are available on the eBook Readers?
  4. New York Times bestselling titles in both fiction and nonfiction will be available on the eBook Readers, as well as some classics of literature and other popular titles. For an up-to-date listing of available titles on the eBook Readers, please consult the Library's online catalog.

  5. How long may I keep an eBook Reader?
  6. Library eBook Readers circulate for fourteen (14) days with no renewals. The date due will be indicated on the date due slip received at the time of checkout.

  7. What if I return the eBook Reader late?
  8. A $5.00 per day late fee will be charged to your library card if the eBook Reader is returned late.

  9. What if I lose the eBook Reader or any of its components?
  10. A replacement fee equal to the full value of the missing eBook Reader or its missing component will be charged to your card. An itemized list of replacement costs is included with the eBook Reader at checkout.

  11. How many eBook Readers may I check out?
  12. Each Sachem Public Library cardholder 18 years of age and older may check out one eBook Reader at a time. Your card must be in good standing. Upon return, another reservation may be placed for an eBook Reader.

  13. Where do I pick up the eBook Reader?
  14. Visit our Main Circulation Desk to pick up your eBook Reader.

  15. Where do I return the eBook Reader?
  16. The eBook Reader must be returned in-person at the Circulation Desk during regular library business hours. Under NO circumstances should the eBook Reader be left in any of the book returns or on a counter.

  17. May I renew the eBook Reader?
  18. No, eBook Readers may not be renewed.

  19. How do I cancel my reservation for an eBook Reader?
  20. Go to the Library home page, click on Sign In under the My Account dropdown menu at the top of the page. Enter your Library Card barcode number, or username, and password. Click on your Requests/Holds and you will be able to view and cancel your reservation for the eBook Reader.