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Connections is Sachem Public Library's service for the selection and delivery of Library materials to the homebound and is available to those who are either permanently or temporarily incapacitated.


Sachem Library District residents, who are physically unable to come to the Library due to illness, age, or disability, are eligible for Connections.  A doctor's note is required.  Connections is also available on a short-term basis to those who are incapacitated for at least four weeks.  A doctor's note must state the anticipated time frame of incapacity.

If Connections borrowers become able to visit the Library on their own, they must notify the Library so that their registration status can be revised to regular borrowing privileges.  The same borrowers can be re-registered in Connections should circumstances once more require home confinement.

Materials, Selection and Delivery

All materials are available including new books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and Books on CDs.  Reserves and interlibrary loans may be placed.  Materials are selected according to the preferences indicated on the Connections application.  Patrons may also request specific materials either through a phone call to the Connections staff or online via the Library's homepage.

Items are delivered via the U.S. Mail in a prepaid returnable bag.  When the materials are ready to be returned, they should be placed in the bag with the pre-addressed card turned over, and then placed in or near the mailbox.  As an alternative, a person designated by the patron can pick up materials at the Library.  Requested materials will be checked out in advance and available at the Circulation Desk.

Loan Period

To allow for items to be received and returned via mail, a grace period of four days is added to the normal due date.  This grace period date is indicated on the packet.  If there is no one waiting for the materials, the items may be renewed, before their due dates, either through a phone call to the Connections staff or online via the Library's homepage.

Fees and Fines

Although there is no charge for this program, Connections patrons are responsible for all borrowed materials and replacement costs for materials not returned to the Library when requested.  Overdue fees do apply for materials received after the grace period.  These fees will be added to the patron's Library card and the patron will be notified by phone.  Fees may be paid by sending a check through the mail or by credit card via the Library's homepage.

Connections Staff

The Connections program is part of Sachem Public Library's Community Services, headed by Lauren Gilbert.  Patrons may contact the Connections staff, Lauren Gilbert or Barbara DiPalmo by phoning
(631) 588-5024 extension 237 or by e-mail at Connections@sachemlibrary.org.


Click here to download Connections Application