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Art Gallery
October Gallery:
Rodee Hanson
Eclectic Art Expressions

Visit The Gallery on the lower level and enjoy the newest art exhibits.

Understanding Islam & Islamophobia

Monday, October 24 7:00pm
Islamophobia is defined as prejudice against Islam or Muslims, particularly prevalent during periods of increased tension between East and West. Suffolk County Community College professor Saadia Rafiq will discuss the roots and foundational concepts of Islam and dispel common misunderstandings. Learn about the theological, historical, political, social, and cultural forces that have given rise to Islamophobia. This lecture will cover a variety of topics...

Poetry: Verse in Person

Tuesday, October 25 7:00pm
Each month a guest poet presents a reading after which the audience is encouraged to share original works at an open mic. This month’s guest, Mario Susko, a witness and survivor of the war in Bosnia, received his Ph.D. from SUNY Stony Brook and is the author of 34 poetry collections, most recently The Auxiliary Time of Being. He was named Poet of the Year by the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association in 2012 and Nassau County Poet Laureate 2013-15.

Who Built the White House?

Tuesday, October 25 7:00pm
Suffolk County Community College Professor Norman Daniels will debunk some of the stereotypes of the enslaved Africans, such as the belief that they were strictly agricultural people. This talk will address the variety of tasks the enslaved individuals may have been involved in, most especially the role they played in the construction of public buildings in our nation’s capital.

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