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Shana Abe
Intimate Enemies. Bantam, 2000
After her father's death leaves her the leader of the Clan MacRae, Lauren MacRae, must defend her beloved Isle of Shot from the invading Northmen, even if it means going to her clan's sworn enemy, the powerful English overlord, Arion du Morgan, for help. Their uneasy alliance leads to powerful but dangerous passion.

Paul Brandon
Swim the Moon. Tor, 2001.
After the loss of his wife, Scottish fiddle player Richard Brennan moves to Australia to escape the memories of his former life. Six years later, he's forced to return to his homeland for his father's funeral. He remains in his father's desolate cottage in the remote far north of Scotland and scratches out a living playing music. Then he meets Ailish, an enigmatic young woman whose ethereal singing haunts the bay by moonlight. But will his love for Ailish cost him his life . . and his soul?

Terri Brisbin
A Love through Time. Jove, 1998
Alex MacKendimen and Maggie Hobbs ignore what the Fates have in store for them, so the Fates send them both back to Medieval Scotland where they are bound together in a struggle to survive find their way home the love they were destined to share. Followed by: A Matter of Time (1999).

Connie Brockway
McClairen's Isle: The Passionate One. Dell, 1999
In the first of a three-part series about two brothers and a sister who are bound together by an evil father, the eldest son, Ashton, is forced by his father, whose wives have a habit of dying, to bring young Rhiannon Russell to McClairen's Isle as his "ward." Recognizing the danger she is in, and falling for her himself, Ash vows to protect her. Followed by: The Reckless One (2000) and The Ravishing One (2000).

Marsha Canham
Midnight Honor. Dell, 2001
Anne Farquharson Moy and her husband find themselves on opposite sides during the Jacobite Rebellion. As she leads her clan against the English–and her husband-- Anne's childhood friend, John MacGillivray, who has kept his love for Anne a secret, stands by her side.

Kimberly Cates
Gather the Stars. Pocket Star, 1996
Kidnapped in the midst of a British officer's ball and carried to the forest lair of an infamous Scottish rebel, Rachel de Lacey, vows to defy her abductor to her dying breath...until she sees Gavin Carstares for what he truly is.

Catherine Coulter
Scottish bride. Jove, 2001
Two months after the battle of Waterloo, widower Tysen Sherbrooke, becomes the new Baron Barthwick of Kildrummy Castle in Scotland. He hardly receives a warm welcome, until Mary Rose Fordyce, a remarkable and courageous young woman, comes unexpectedly into his life.

Claire Delacroix
The Rogue. Warner, 2002.
Having left her husband, Merlyn Lammergeier, Laird of Ravensmuir, some years earlier after learning he made his fortune selling by false relics to the wealthy, low-born Ysabella reluctantly agrees to help him discover who wanted him dead by assuming the role of his grieving widow. lordsFollowed by: The Scoundrel (2003) & The Warrior (2004).

Jude Deveraux
Temptation. Pocket Books, 2000
29-year old women's activist Temperance O'Neil wants nothing more than to aid single mothers on the streets of New York City. Unfortunately, her new stepfather controls her inheritance and insists she quit her career & live in his house in Edinburgh as any respectable, unmarried daughter should. So Temperance heads to Scotland with one mission, to drive Angus McCairn crazy.

Christina Dodd
Some Enchanted Evening. Morrow, 2004
After fleeing to Scotland with her younger sister, Princess Clarice, is forced to live by her wits and duplicity, but meets her match when she attracts the attention of Robert MacKenzie, one of Scotland's most powerful and dangerous men.

Diana Gabaldon
The Outlander. Delacorte, 1991.
In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is on a second honeymoon with her husband when she touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circle and is suddenly transported back to 1743 Scotland where she finds her destiny, intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and a gallant young warrior named James Fraser. Followed by: Dragonfly in Amber (1992), Voyager (1994), Drums of Autumn (1997), and The Fiery Cross (2001). For further reading: The Outlandish Companion, In Which Much is Revealed Regarding Claire and Jamie Fraser, their Lives and Times, Antecedents, Adventures, Companions, and Progeny, with Learned Commentary (and Many Footnotes) by Their Humble Creator (1999).

Julie Garwood
Ransom. Pocket Books, 1999
Gillian, was a mere child when the cruel and ambitious Baron Alford slaughtered her father and tore her family apart during the reign of King John. Now a young woman, she finds the key to resolving her tragic past in handsome Scottish chieftains Ramsey Sinclair and Brodick Buchanan.

By the same author...
Saving Grace. Pocket Star, 1994, 1993
Widowed at 16, Lady Johanna vowed she would never marry again. But when King John demands that she remarry a bridegroom he has chosen for her she seems to have little choice in the matter, until her foster brother suggests she wed his friend, the handsome Scottish warrior Gabriel MacBain.

Heather Graham
The Presence. MIRA, 2004
When the Scottish mansion she has turned into a murder-mystery tourist attraction becomes the favorite locale of a serial killer, Toni MacNally--who has always been plagued by visions--begins to have nightmares that reveal a connection between the brutal deaths and a man who shows up claiming ownership to the castle, and who bears a striking resemblance to the castle's old laird.

Virginia Henley
A Year and a Day. Delacorte, 1998
When Englishman Lynx de Warenne takes possession of Jane Leslie's home, the invader, desperate for an heir, proposes a handfasting--a Scottish custom whereby a man can lawfully take a woman into his bed, then, after a year and a day, the couple can either wed or part. Any child of that union is deemed legitimate. Jane reluctantly bends to his will, but finds herself falling in love in spite of their differences.

Fiona Hood-Stewart
The Journey Home. Mira, 2000
After her mother's sudden death, India hopes to hold onto her ancestral home, Dunbar House, but American tycoon Jack Buchanan sees the estate as a business opportunity. The two are soon united by a mutual passion, but shocking revelations and family secrets pit them against each other in a struggle over a legacy neither will surrender.

The Lost Dreams. Mira, 2003.
In the wake of tragedy, Charlotte MacLeod has come home to Strathaird Castle on the Isle of Skye. Burdened by guilt and pain, she remains determined to shelter her daughter from truths she herself can't face. But the arrival of Bradley Harcourt Ward shatters her tenuous peace.

Joan Johnston
The Bodyguard. Island Books, 1998
In Regency-era Scotland, a tall, rugged stranger rescues Katherine MacKinnon from a fate worse than death and becomes her bodyguard, sworn to protect her from her clansmen, who refuse to accept her as laird, and from the hated Duke of Blackthorne, who controls her family's lands. As her desire grew for the mysterious man grows, she has no idea that she is falling in love with the enemy himself.

Susan King
Waking the Princess. Signet, 2003
Christina Blackburn posed for a risque painting that ruined her life. Ever since, she vowed to suppress her passionate nature and keep her identity a secret. Now she has come face to face with the notorious painting and Sir Aedan Arthur MacBride, its dangerously handsome owner.

Taming the Heiress. NAL, 2003.
In 1850 Scotland, her family sends Meg MacNeill out in a storm to the shore where they expect her to win the heart of a kelpie--a magical sea creature who comes looking for his bride in the form of a man. Instead, she is seduced by the all-too-human Dougal Stewart who promptly disappears from her life, leaving her angry (and with child) until their paths cross again seven years later.

Lynn Kurland
The Very Thought of You. Jove, 1998
While visiting relatives in Scotland, a medieval map leads Alexander Smith on a journey back in time...where a beautiful woman helps him rediscover his own chivalrous - and passionate - heart.

Johanna Lindsey
The Heir. Morrow, 2000
Saddled with a fiance he doesn't like and an English title he doesn't want, Scotsman Duncan MacTavish, falls under the spell of a young country girl in whom he finds a kindred spirit.

The Pursuit. Avon, 2002.
Though they exchange but a few words before parting after a chance encounter on her grandfather's lands, Melissa MacGregor instantly knows that bold stranger Lincoln Ross Burnett is her destiny. But her smothering protective family--including 16 uncles--hold Lincoln a grudge from their childhood years and aim to nip this romance in the bud.

Linley MacGregor
Claiming the Highlander. Avon, 2002
Determined to end a long-running feud, fiery young Maggie convinces the women of her clan to refuse their men everything ( and that means everything) until they lay down their arms, but she finds her own plans undermined by her growing attraction to a dashing Highlander.

By the same author:
Taming the Scotsman. Avon, 2003.

Tess Mallory
Highland Dream. Dorchester, 2001
When a dream convinces Jix Ferguson that her best friend was about marrying the wrong guy, she tricks Samantha into flying to Scotland where they meet the man Jix was convinced her friend should marry, handsome Jamie MacGregor. Problem is Jix falls for him, too. Further complications arise when a scuffle involving MacGregor's ancestral sword transports all three back to 17th century Scotland.

Connie Mason
A Touch So Wicked. Avon, 2002
Dispatched to Scotland to prevent an arranged marriage that would unite two powerful clans against the English throne, knight Damian Stratton finds himself in a very complicated position when he himself falls in love with the intended bride.

Cathy Maxwell
Adventures of a Scottish Heiress. Avon, 2003
Ian Champion is hired by a wealthy man to retrieve his "kidnapped" daughter from Scotland where in actuality, she has fled an arrange marriage to a dissolute lord. After a mysterious assassination attempt puts the two on the run, simple, plainspoken Ian earns the runaway bride's grudging respect and eventually much more.

May McGoldrick
The Intended. Penguin, 1998.
A beautiful woman living in England longs for her home in Scotland and the man who left her to marry a woman from a warring Scottish clan in an effort to make peace.

Karen Marie Moning
The Highlander's Touch. Dell, 2000
While cleaning up at the museum in which she works, Lisa Stone touches a centuries old flask and finds herself back in 14th century Scotland, where the lord who put a curse on the flask has sworn to kill the bearer. Naturally the two fall in love, but many obstacles stand in their path.

By the same author...
Beyond the Highland Mist (1999), To Tame a Highland Warrior (1999), and Kiss of the Highlander (2001).

Rosamunde Pilcher
Winter Solstice. St. Martin's, 2000
Five different people must confront very different challenges or losses as the winter solstice approaches.

Mary Jo Putney
Kiss of Fate. Ballantine, 2004
Although Gwynne knows that her father was a Guardian--humans with mystical abilities to control nature’s forces and see into the hearts of others--she believes herself to be "ordinary," until her latent powers are unleashed when she falls for clan laird Duncan Macrae. A tale od romance and betrayal set during the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Jessica Stirling
The Penny Wedding. St. Martin's, 1995
During the Depression, 17-year-old Alison Burnside feels caught between her suddenly impoverished family and her dream of a university education. She turns to her mentor, teacher Jim Abbott for support and finds that they both want more than friendship. Followed by: The Marrying Kind (1995).

Also by Jessica Stirling...
The Island Wife. St. Martin's, 1997
On the quiet Isle of Mull off the Scottish coast, sisters Innis and Biddy Campbell fight each other for the love of newcomer Michael Tarrant. Followed by: The Wind from the Hills (1998) and The Strawberry Season (2000).

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