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Pre-Historic Fiction

In 1980 Jean Auel began her "Earth's Children" saga with Clan of the Cave Bear. It was followed by The Valley of Horses (1982), The Mammoth Hunters (1985), Plains of Passage (1990), and The Shelters of Stone (2002.) Her books inspired an avid interest in "pre-history" fiction. The following titles are some examples of the genre.

Margaret Allan

Born to the People of the Mammoth in 18,000 B.C., Maya is cast out as a demon because of her mis-matched eyes (one blue, one green). She is taken in by Magic, a shaman Berry, who becomes a surrogate mother and is taught the powers of an ancient talisman known as the Mammoth Stone. Tricked into losing the talisman, Maya causes the death of Magic and the near devastation of her people.

The Mammoth Stone. Signet, 1993.
Keeper of the Stone. Penguin, 1994.
The Last Mammoth. Signet, 1995, 1995.

Also by Margaret Allan...

Sister of the Sky. Onyx, 1999.
Green Eyes Blue, a beautiful young girl named for her different colored eyes, is kidnapped by bandits to be sold into slavery. Purchased by one of the chief aristocrats of the capital city of Tollan, she finds herself learning the social graces of how to be a lady in preparation to become the aristocrat's wife. As time passes, the girl discovers treachery within the city as worshipers of the forbidden Dark God plot to take control of Tollan, threatening her newfound tribe.

Spirits Walking Woman. Onyx, 1998.
Set in the ancient Olmec culture (modern-day New Mexico), Spirits Walking Woman, who is worshiped by her people because of her divine gift of prophecy, is expected to take her place in the vast empire ruled by her warrior husband. But another destiny calls her away from the royal court and the plottings of her sister.

Joseph Bruchac

Just after the last Ice Age in what is present-day New England, the People of the Dawn Land thrive. On a quest to bring meat to his people, Young Hunter is bitten by a snake. Returning to his village, he relates his experiences to the oldest Talker, who sees that Young Hunter was chosen by the snake to protect the Only People from approaching danger.

Dawn Land. Fulcrum, 1993.
Long River. Fulcrum, 1995.
The Waters Between. University Press of NM, 1998.

Amanda Cockrell

Deer Shadow, who is believed to possess mystical powers, is cherished by the Yellow Grass People until a hostile tribe threatens their ancient ways, causing her people to doubt her powers. Deer Shadow soon pursues a forbidden love with an outcast warrior bearing strange new ideas and sacred seeds.

Daughter of the Sky. Avon, 1995.
Wind Caller's Children. Avon, 1996.
The Long Walk. Avon, 1996.

Also by Amanda Cockrell...

Spurred by his dream of a powerful white beast, young Out-of-Breath searches the desert for it. He returns with a mystical creature who says its name is Horse. The people of Red Earth City are fearful of the beast, except for the beautiful and wilful Wants the Moon, who desires to ride on Horse's back. Together, Out-of-Breath and Wants the Moon will prove what the gift of Horse may mean to their people.

When the Horses Came. Avon, 1999.
Children of the Horse. Avon, 2000.

Clare Coleman

Tepua, the daughter of a Chieftan, is shipwrecked on the shores of Tahiti where she finds both friends and enemies. Only an iron will enable her to triumph over adversity and make a place for herself in a strange society.

Daughter of the Reef. Jove, 1992.
Sister of the Sun. Jove, 1993.
Child of the Dawn. Jove, 1994.

Bernard Cornwell

Stonehenge, 2000 B.C. HarCol, 2000.
From the author of the Richard Sharpe series and other historical novels comes this epic story of three brothers and their quest to build a temple to the gods.

John R. Dann

Song of the Axe. T. Doherty, 2001.
A novel of high adventure set in 30,000 b.c. Eurasia.

Kathleen O'Neal Gear & Michael Gear

Tells the story of the ancestors of Native Americans. Led by a dreamer who follows the Spirit of the Wolf, a brave people forges a pathway from the Old World to a New one by daring to cross the frozen wastes and discovering an unspoiled land.

People of the Wolf. Tor. 1990.
People of the Fire. Tor, 1991.
People of the Earth. Tor, 1992.
People of the River. Tor, 1992.
People of the Sea. Forge, 1993.
People of the Lakes. Forge, 1994.
People of the Lightning. Forge, 1995.
People of the Silence. Forge, 1996.
People of the Mist. Forge, 1997.
People of the Masks. Forge, 1998.

William Golding

The Inheritors. HBW, 1955.
What happens to the last Neanderthals after they encounter another race of beings whose descendants would name their species homo sapiens.

Sue Harrison

In a harsh land near the top of the world 9000 years ago, beautiful young Chagak is forced to become the wife of a man who participated in the massacre of her family.

Mother Earth, Father Sky. Doubleday, 1990.
My Sister the Moon. Doubleday, 1992.
Brother Wind. Morrow, 1994.

Also by Sue Harrison...

Because of a deformed foot, Chakliux is abandoned as a baby to die on the Arctic ice but is rescued and raised to manhood by K'os, a bitter woman bent on revenge against those who wronged her.

Song of the River. Avon, 1997.
Cry of the Wind. Avon, 1998.

Richard Herley

The Stone Arrow. St. Martin's, 1979.
Settlers and nomadic hunters struggle for dominance in the virgin forests of pre-historic Britain.

Bjorn Kurten

Dance of the Tiger. Pantheon, 1980.
An exciting tale of survival set 35,000 years ago during the Ice Age in Europe.

Joan Dahr Lambert

Circles of Stone. Pocket, 1997.
Chronicles the lives of three wise women-each named Zena-born thousands of years and many miles apart.

Mary MacKey

In Brittany (c. 4371 BC) Marrah, a brave and gifted priestess, finds an odd looking stranger on the beach who has been shipwrecked. Stavan, the son of the great Chief of the Hansi, horsemen and warriors, warns Marrah's people that they are in danger from his tribe, and offers to help them.

The Year the Horses Came. HarperSanFr, 1993.
The Horses at the Gate. Penguin, 1996, 1995.

Also by Mary MacKey...

The Fires of Spring. Onyx, 1998.
In pre-historic Europe, Keru, the son of the Queen of Shara, has been kidnaped by a nomadic diviner wishing to turn him against his own people. A band of warriors led by Luma, Keru's sister, sets out to rescue him.

Ardath Mayhar

People of the Mesa.
The Anasazi, a pre-Columbian tribe dwelling in what is now Colorado, face the greatest threat to their existence when a hostile tribe threatens, and the youthful Uhtatse assumes leadership of his people.

Island in the Lake. Diamond, 1993.
United in their struggle for survival and bound together by tradition, a tribe in the harsh lands of present-day eastern Texas is nonetheless profoundly affected by the arrival of an outsider.

Towers of Earth. Diamond, 1994.
When drought and disease threaten their survival, the Geh-i-nah tribe must leave land that is now east Texas and head west, into the land of the towers, in a grueling search for a home.

Hunters of the Plains. Berkley, 1995.
The peaceful lives of the Badger and Terrapin Clans are disrupted when a horde of mammoths destroys their homes. Don-a-ti and E-lo-ni, bound in a marriage uniting the clans, embark on a sacred hunt to halt the rampaging beasts and prevent them from striking again.

Lynn Armistead McKee

Teeka is awakened to the pleasures of love by Auro, the shaman's son. Then a rival tribe invades their land and Teeka is taken as bounty as a forceful warrior.

Woman of the Mists. Diamond, 1991.
Touches the Stars. Diamond, 1992.
Keeper of Dreams. Diamond, 1993.

Also by Lynn Armistead McKee...

Walks in Stardust. Diamond, 1994.
Cimmera runs through the lush tropical forest with an intricately carved knife in her hand. She can remember nothing-only vague images of battle and a feeling of heartbreaking loss. But together with one heroic man, she will discover her true identity and the significance of the knife.

Spirit of the Turtle Woman. Onyx, 1999.
Talli, a beautiful maiden of the Turtle Clan of the Jeaga, falls in love with Akoma, the son of the chief of the Ais tribe, but is considered unworthy because she is born of "cursed" line. Under threat of an enemy tribe, the Turtle strengthen their alliance with the Panther clan and Talli is given to a Panther warrior, while Akoma is forced to choose a Panther woman as his wife. But when the treachery of the Panther clan is reveealed, Talli must risk her new life and family to save the only man she has ever loved.

F. J. Pesando

Sisters of the Black Moon. Onyx, 1994.
In pre-historic California, sisters Morning Land and White Bird have only each other, and their own skill & spirit to help them survive when their tribe is annihilated by invading warriors.

Charlotte Prentiss

15,000 years ago, at the end of the last great Ice Age, a visionary young woman named Laena and her sister survive a tragedy that leaves their parents dead. Laena relies upon her courage, strength, and intelligence, to endure. And her seer-like visions of a world beyond shapes her into a tribal leader in a society of arrogant men, only to be cast out into the wilderness with her husband and child. She then takes her family on a great journey to a new world and a new dream of happiness.

Children of the Ice. Onyx, 1993.
People of the Mesa. Onyx, 1995.
Children of the Sun. Onyx, 1995.

Turning away from warfare and superstition, Kori and her husband, leave their people and find the Ocean Tribe, a group of peace-loving wanderers turned fishermen and hunters who are ld by a strong and beautiful female warrior and protected by the mysterious sea. But the tribe's peaceful existence begins to crumble when a stranger named Werror appears, seeking refuge after ruthless fighters decimate his village. This powerful and clever man both captivates and disturbs Kori. Little does she know that he is about to lead her into the ultimate betrayal...and a battle for survival that will shatter everything she believes about herself and her world.

The Island Tribe. HarperPrism, 1997.
The Ocean Tribe. HarperPaper, 1999.

Judith Redman Robbins

In the prehistoric Southwest, Shawanadese, a young Anaszi girl, is torn between the customs of her tribe and the truth about her birth which marks her for a different fate. As she is drawn to a handsome young warrior, as well as to a Mayan prince, her people face encroaching enemies from without--and treachery from within.

Coyote Woman. Onyx, 1996.
Sun Priestess. Onyx, 1998.

Patricia Rowe

Nine thousand years ago an ancient race called the Shahala lived along the mighty Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. But Ashan knew her people face vast changes and led by troubling visions and a brave hunter named Tor will travel untrodden pathways....

Keepers of the Misty Time. Warner, 1994.
Children of the Dawn. Warner, 1996.

Sharman Apt Russell

The Last Matriarch. Univ. of NM, 2000.
Willow, Jak, Etol and their clan live in a world where communication with animals, plants, and even stones is essential for survival. Willow's life path echoes that of Half Ear and Red Fur, the matriarchs of the woolly mammoth herd.

William Sarabande

A young hunter named Torka, who has lost his wife and child to a killer mammoth, leads the survivors of his tribe over the glacial tundra on a desperate eastward odyssey to a strange and exotic land in order to save their clan.

Beyond the Sea of Ice. Bantam, 1987.
Corridor of Storms. Bantam, 1988.
The Forbidden Land. Bantam, 1989.
Walker of the Wind. Bantam, 1990.
Sacred Stones. Bantam, 1991.
Thunder in the Sky. Bantam, 1992.
Edge of the World. Bantam, 1993.
Shadow of the Watching Star. Bantam, 1995.
Face of the Rising Sun. Bantam, 1996.

Linda Lay Shuler

Not really pre-historic (the setting is 13th century New Mexico) but in the same tradition comes the story of Kwani, who's blue eyes cause her to be exiled as a witch. She finds love with a Toltec magician named Kokopelli who brings her to the Eagle Clan where she is transformed from an outcast to the Chosen of the Gods with the name She Who Remembers.

She Who Remembers. Morrow, 1988.
Voice of the Eagle. Morrow, 1992.
Let the Drum Speak. Morrow, 1996.

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

13-year old Yanan vividly recounts her life and death among the hunters of deer, gatherers of roots, shamans, and animals in the Paleolithic age 20,000 years ago.

Reindeer Moon. HM, 1987.
Animal Wife. HM, 1990.

Joan Wolf

When tainted water fatally poisons the women of the tribe of the Horse, the clan's men must seize women from the matriarchal tribe of the Red Deer or face extinction. Mar, the leader of the young men, falls in love with Alin, daughter of the Red Deer priestess, and though they are born to embrace very different traditions, Mar will fight to claim this beautiful, strangely powerful woman as his own.

Daughter of the Red Deer. Onyx, 1991.
The Horsemasters. Wieser & Wieser, 1993.

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