Never Walk Alone:
Novels of Faith & Romance

Lisa Tawn Bergen, Barbara Jean Hicks, Jane Orcutt, & Suzy Pizzuti
Porch Swings & Picket Fences: Love in a Small Town. WaterBrook, 1999.
Small, ordinary towns in Vermont, Iowa, Texas, and Washington are the setting for these stories of people who find love when and where they least expect it.

Stephen A. Bly
Red Dove of Monterey. Crossway, 1998.
In California before the Gold Rush, Alena, a feisty red-haired entrepreneur, meets a rancher with a tragic secret in his past. Followed by: The Last Swan in Sacramento (1999) and Proud Quail of the San Joaquin (2000).

Maggie Brendan
No Place for a Lady. Revell, 2009.
In 1892, after the death of her father, Crystal Clark arrives in Colorado's Yampa Valley to visit her aunt's cattle ranch. Life has not prepared this proper southern belle for the wildness of the land or a handsome foreman named Luke Weber. The Hearts of the West series continues with: Jewel of His Heart (2009) & A Love of Her Own (2010).

Wanda E. Brunstetter
Betsy's Return. Barbour, 2010.
Betsy Nelson, who believes that she is an old maid and will never find love, reluctantly returns to her childhood home to care for her failing father, a faithful minister who served the town for years. Into their lives comes William Covington, a confirmed bachelor, who comes to town to become the new pastor, having set set aside the luxuries of his birth for service to God. by the same author: The Bishop's Daughter (2006), A Cousin's Prayer (2009), etc.

Melody Carlson
Angels in the Snow. Revell, 2002.
Dealing with the grief of losing both her husband and son in an accident, as well as with "artist's block," Clare Andrews retreats to the Cascade Mountains where she finds comfort in taking daily walks. Then one day, she comes across two sets of footprints in the snow: Belonging to one adult and one child. By the same author: All I Have to Give (2008)..

Dorothy Clark
Beauty for Ashes. SHB, 2004.
All wealthy widower Justin Randolph is looking for is a new mother to care for his two children. All Elizabeth Fraizer is looking for is to escape a forced marriage to an abusive man. So when Elizabeth is mistaken for Justin's intended bride, she leaps at the chance of safety, never dreaming she might actually find love.

Jerry S. Eicher
A Dream for Hannah. Harvest House, 2010.
Hannah Miller is faced with the choice of three men who she hopes will fill her heart's desire while allowing her to stay true to her Amish faith: Sam, the boy Hannah has known all her life, who is comfortable and predictable. Peter, who is on rumspringa. And unpredictable Jake, who living in the Montana wilderness. Followed by A Hope for Hannah (2010). By the same author: Rebecca's Choice (2010).

Tim Farrington
The Monk Downstairs. HSF, 2002.
Jaded single mom Rebecca Martin rents an apartment to Michael Christopher, an ex-monk who has lost his faith in God. Can these two delusion ed people find a new meaning in life? Followed by: The Monk Upstairs (2007).

Deeanne Gist
Maid to Match. Bethany, 2010.
Tillie Reese, a new maid at the Vanderbilt's lavish Biltmore estate, jeopardizes her position because of her relationship with Mack Danvers, a rugged mountain man turned footman.

Robin Lee Hatcher
The Wagered Heart. Zondervan, 2008.
Preacher's daughter Bethany Silverton leaves the comforts of Philadelphia for the frontier town of Sweetwater, Montana, where two men compete for her affections--a rough but charming cowboy and a ruthlessly ambitious political hopeful. By the same author: Dear Lady (2000); In His Arms (2001); Patterns of Love (2001); Catching Katie (2003); Hearts Evergreen (2007).

Ethel Herr
The Dove and the Rose. Bethany, 1996.
Pieter-Lucas, a gifted Dutch artist, and Aletta, the daughter of a bookseller, are caught up in the religious struggles of the 16th century Holland. Followed by: The Citadel and the Lamb (1998).

Patti Ann Hill
Like a Watered Garden. Bethany, 2005.
Garden designer Mibby Garrett is still trying to cope with the sudden loss of her husband when the faith is further tested by the arrival of a mysterious girl with a startling revelation about her husband's past. Fortunately she has a son who needs her, a loyal lab named Blink, a supportive, if quirky, next- door-neighbor who owns a B&B, and the promise of a brighter future in the form of a widower named Ben.

J. M. Hochstetter
Daughter of Liberty. Zondervan, 2004.
Boston; 1775. Tensions are high between the citizens and their British occupiers. Elizabeth Howard finds herself increasingly torn between her love for her prominent loyalist parents and her clandestine opposition to England. Complicating her life even more is her unexpected attraction to a dashing British captain.

Carol Hutton
Eternal Journey. Warner, 2000.
When psychotherapist Anna loses her best friend Beth to cancer, she flees to Martha's Vineyard where she finds that her path keeps crossing that of persistent stranger and learns that love never dies.

Derek Jackson
A Man Inspired. WWP, 2005.
Inspirational speaker Jermaine Hill seems to have it all: fame, money, women, you name it. What he does not have is peace, having never recovered from the accident that killed his best friends years ago. When freelance writer Candace Clark approaches him to do a story, he agrees because he is attracted to her, but she lets him know that his decidedly un-pious life-style is an obstacle to any relationship.

Norma L. Jarrett
Sunday Brunch. Harlem Moon, 2004.
During their long-standing Sunday brunch get-together five lively and dynamic women who met while in law school trade tales on work. marriage, finances, and romance while struggling to keep the faith..

Annie Jones
The Double-Heart Diner. Waterbrook, 1999.
Padgett "Jett" Murphy hopes to purchase a piece of land in Texas along Route 66, demolish the crummy diner in the middle of it, and make a bundle by selling the property to a land developer. But Georgia Darling is equally determined to save the Double Heart Diner. Both find more than they bargained for in each other. Also by Annie Jones: Cupid's Corner (1999); Lost Romance Ranch (2000).

Jill Marie Landis
Heart of Stone. Zondervan, 2010.
Irish immigrant Laura Foster is the wealthy widowed owner of a refined boardinghouse in Glory, Texas. But she is also running from her abusive, shameful past. So she does everything she can to discourage the romantic interest of Rev. Brand McCormick, a handsome widower, fearing that her past will be revealed and ruin his reputation.

Felicia Mason
Sweet Devotion. Steeple Hill, 2004.
After escaping from a bad marriage to begin a new life in Wayside, Oregon, Amber Montgomery gets herself arrested after a misunderstanding with Police Chief Paul Evans. When the adversaries subsequently find themselves paired as chaperons on a Community Christian Church youth camping trip, both are forced to confront fears they'd rather ignore to save a life and find the courage and faith to love again.

Ruth Axtell Morren
Winter is Past. Steeple Hill, 2003.
Raised amid privilege in Regency England, Althea renounced wealth and social position to serve God, and is reluctant to accept a position as nurse to the gravely ill daughter of Simon Aguilar, a man who became a Christian only to further his political career. But both learn to overcome their prejudices and accept all things are possible with God's love.

Janet Oke
Love Comes Softly. Bethany, 1979.
Pioneers Clark and Marty are thrown together after the tragic deaths of their mates and begin a new life together. Followed by: Love's Enduring Promise (1980); Love's Long Journey (1982); Love's Abiding Joy (1983); Love's Unending Legacy (1984); Love's Unfolding Dream (1987); Love Takes Wing (1988); Love Finds a Home (1989).

Other series by Janette Oke: Seasons of the Heart; Canadian West; Women of the West; Devotional; and A Prairie Legacy.

Catherine Palmer
Leaves of Hope. Steeple Hill, 2006.
When she inadvertently discovers that the father she had always known is not her biological parent, Beth Lowell sets out on a journey to the Himalayan foothills where she hopes to find him, aided by a handsome British businessman. Determined to reconcile with her daughter make peace with her past missteps Jan sets out on her own journey. Read also the "Town called Hope" series: Prairie Rose (1997); Prairie Fire (1997); Prairie Storm (1999).

Delia Parr
Heart's Awakening. Bethany, 2010.
It's a marriage of mutual convenience when poor, plain housekeeper Elvira Kilmer, who believes that her hopes for marriage and a family have long since passed her by, accepts the proposal of Jackson Smith, a widower with two young sons. Only when they allow their hearts to be awakened to love's possibilities can a happy ending be achieved.

Trish Perry
Perfect Blend. Harvest, 2010.
Steph Vandergrift gave up everything to elope with Rick Manfred, who promptly left her at the altar. She is hired by Milly Jewell, the twice-widowed owner of a tea shop. Thinhs start looking up for when she meets kindly Kendall James, proprietor of the pricey hotel where she was staying before her wedding disaster, but when a contrite Rick shows up, things get complicated. Followed by: Tea for Two (2011).

Tracie Peterson
Dawn's Prelude. Bethany, 2009.
Newly widowed Lydia Sellers travels to Alaska to join her aunt. With memories of a painful marriage still fresh, discovers she is carrying her dead husband's child. Fearful of how this will impact her nascent relationship with handsome sawmill owner Kjell Bjorklund, Lydia must also deal with her grasping step-children who are determined to reclaim their father's fortune? Other titles in the "Song of Alaska" series: Morning's Refrain (2010) & Twilight's Serenade (2010).

Karen Rispin
African Skies. Multnomah, 2000.
Laurel Binit, who is in Africa studying wildlife for her master's degree, must rely upon ornery bush pilot Darren Grant to fly her into the wilds. For his part, he criticizes her preoccupation with animals while the poor locals are in desperate need of food and shelter. They remain at odds until events force them to examine both their faith and growing feelings for one another.

Kim Vogel Sawyer
A Hopeful Heart. Bethany, 2010.
22-year-old orphan Tressa Neill is devastated when her socialite aunt sends her west to Kansas in 1888 to attend a new school that trains young ladies to be wives to hardworking ranchers. But the city-born and bred Tressa not only adapts, but begins to thrive in her environment and she captures the reluctant attention of neighboring rancher Abel Samms, a man whose heart was broken by an "eastern" girl. By the same author: Where the Heart Leads (2008), A Promise for Spring (2009); Waiting for Summer's Return (2006).

Kim Vogel Sawyer
A Distant Melody. Revell, 2010.
Never pretty enough to please her gorgeous mother, heiress Allie Miller is so desperate to gain her approval that she agrees to marry a man she doesn't love. At a friend's wedding she meets Lt. Walter Novak, an Air Force pilot about to be sent overseas to fight Nazi Germany. They are drawn together by their love of music and agree to pray for each other and to write while he is gone, but neither is particularly honest in what they write in their letters. If they are meant to be together they must untangle the secrets, commitments, and expectations that keep them apart.

Lori Wick
Where the Wild Rose Blooms. Harvest, 1996.
Mine surveyor Clayton Taggert, whose real dream is to be a teacher, encounters spirited Easterner Jackie Fontaine, but their blooming love is tested by tragedy. First title in the "Rocky Mountain Memories" series. Others in the series are: Whispers of Moonlight (1996); To Know Her By Name (1997); Promise Me Tomorrow (1997).

Other series by Lori Wick are: The Californians; A Place Called Home; Kensington Chronicles.

Linda Windsor
The Healer. DC Cook, 2010.
Set in 6th century Scotland, Brenna of Gowrys, a gifted but lonely healer whose only companion is a wolf because of a prophecy spoken about her to a Scottish chieftain by her dying mother, rescues a man badly wounded from an ambush and nurtures him back to health. They fall in love, but Ronan O'Byrne's family has sworn to kill Brenna. Now they must trust in their faith and God to bring peace to their two warring lands. By the same author: Along Came Jones (2003).

Suzanne Wolfe
The Unveiling. Paraclete, 2004.
Trying to run away from a childhood of abuse and a failed marriage, Rachel Piers comes to Rome to work on an important art restoration project. Working alongside a gentle Italian restorer, Rachel strips away layers of dirt from the damaged old panel, and soon finds that layers of her own soul are being stripped away as well, and suddenly the prospect of finding love does not seen an impossible dream.

Lenora Worth
After the Storm. Steeple, Hill, 2004.
Alisha Emerson comes to Dover Mountain in the hopes of forging a new life for her unborn child. When she goes into labor, entrepreneur Jared Murdock becomes an unlikely good Samaritan.

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