Light on the Dark and Winding Path:
Faith-Based Thrillers, Suspense & Mystery

Ron & Janet Benrey

Little White Lies. B&H, 2001.
Having pretty much written God off, Pippa Hunnechurch struggles to make a go of her executive headhunter business. When he new partner mysteriously drowns, and another death follows, Pippa finds herself caught in a web of deceit directly related to the apparently harmless (but ethically wrong) "little white lies" the deceased had written into the resumes of their clients. While pursuing the truth of her partner's death, Pippa also re-evaluates the path her life has taken. Followed by: The Second Mile (2002) and Humble Pie (2004).

Terri Blackstock

Cape Refuge. Zondervan, 2002.
When Thelma and Wayne Owens, the owners of Hanover House, a Christian halfway house for derelicts and ex-cons on an island off the coast of Georgia, are murdered, the suspects include the couple's son-in-law and a pair of former residents. The murders become a test of faith for Blair Owens, who has spent a lifetime rejecting faith and love because of facial scars from the mysterious burns she suffered as a young child, and who carries a torch for Police Chief Matt Cade. Followed by: Southern Storm (2003), River's Edge (2004) and Breaker's Reef (2005).

Restoration Series

When all of Earth's electronics fail the Banning family must learn how to survive without technology in a world plagued by increasing violence. Last Light (2005); Night Light (2006); True Light (2007); & Dawn's Light (2008)

Sigmund Brouwer

Out of the Shadows. Tyndale, 2001.
Amateur astronomer Nick Barrett is drawn home to Charleston by a mysterious, unsigned note about the disappearance of the mother who abandoned him as a child and the car accident that left him physically and spiritually crippled. As he begins to unlock the dangerous secrets of his past he is forced to confront his loss of faith.
Followed by Crown of Thorns (2002) and The Lies of Saints (2003).

Lynn Bulock

Love the Sinner. Steeple Hill Cafe, 2005.
After her philandering, con-artist husband is murdered, Gracie Lee Harris decides to insert herself in Detective Ray Fernandez's homicide investigation. With the help of God and some quirky newfound church friends, wades through a wealth of suspects. It's a long list. He scorned and cheated a lot of women. Followed by: Less Than Frank (2006).

Jack Cavanaugh

Death Watch. Zondervan, 1995.
L. A. television reporter Sydney St. James finally gets a chance to escape the puff pieces she is usually assigned when she stumbles onto a real story involving terrorists and the death threats they are sending. It is not long before Sydney's loved ones are targeted.

Mindy Starns Clark

A Penny for Your Thoughts. Harvest House, 2002.
Recently widowed Callie Webber is an ex-p.i. investigative agent for a philanthropic organization that gives money to good causes. It is her job to assure her mysterious (her only contact with him is by phone) boss that the non-profit organizations seeking assistance are legitimate and deserving of the grants. She puts her skills to use when bad things happen. As the series progresses, she finally meets the man behind the money, deals with her loss and learns to love again. But occasionally her faith is tested. Followed by: Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels (2003), A Dime a Dozen (2003), A Quarter for a Kiss (2004), The Buck Stops Here (2005). By the same author: Secrets of Harmony Grove (2010).

Ace Collins

Farraday Road. Zondervan, 2008.
When a fund-raiser ends in murder, the victim's husband, attorney Elijah Evans, who was badly injured in the attack, joins with Det. Diana Curtis to uncover the culprit.

Brandilyn Collins

Eyes of Elisha. Zondervan, 2001.
The marriage and faith of psychic Chelsea Adams are tested after she witnesses a murder "through the eyes" of the victim. She goes to the police and finds that Christian Sgt. Dan Reiger is willing to take a chance on believing her visions. But she also makes herself the killer's next target. Followed by Dread Champion (2002).

Lori Copeland

A Case of Bad Taste . Tyndale, 2003.
Novelist Maude Diamond's case of writer's block is alleviated when she learns about some mysterious break-ins in the neighborhood wherein nothing is ever actually stolen--the perpetrator simply rearranges the furniture and redecorates. She is joined in solving this peculiar mystery by her new (not so ideal) housemates: her mother-in-law and recently divorced daughter. This series is heavy on cozy and light on suspense. A Followed by: A Case of Crooked Letters (2004) and A Case of Nosy Neighbors (2004).

Rick Dewhurst

Bye, Bye Bertie. B&H, 2004.
Christian p.i. (well, he's more of a taxi driver than a gumshoe) Joe LaFlam eagerly accepts a case involving a woman who has apparently joined the cult of the Latter-Day Druids and hopes to score a soul-mate (his lovely client) at the same time. A lot of silliness--and jibes at Christian subculture--ensues.

Paul M. Edwards

The Angel Acronym. Signature, 2003.
Toom Taggart, the head director of education at the RLDS church,seems to be the only one who suspects foul play when a colleague is found dead in the archives.It seems the dead man may have discovered proof that the basis for the Book of Mormon was a fraud. What does become clear is that there are those who want Toom to stop asking questions.

Alton Gansky

A Ship Possessed. Zondervan, 1999.
J. D. Stanton, a retired naval officer and historian, investigates the mysterious appearance of the USS Triggerfish, a WWII submarine that has suddenly reappeared half a century after it was presumed lost in the Atlantic, showing no signs of age. But what happened to its crew? Stanton soon discovers that there is something other-worldly afoot. Followed by Vanished (2000) and Out of Time (2003).

The Incumbent. Zondervan, 2004.
When Maddy Glenn, the mayor of the tourist town of Santa Rita, learns that a friend (the treasurer of her last campaign) has been kidnapped and the only clue has Maddy's name on it, her hunt for answers reveals a terrifying game the abductor wants to play with her and that is has something to do with her possible running for Congress. Followed by: Before Another Dies (2005).

Other books by Alton Gansky: By My Hands (1996), Distant Memory (2000), The Prodigy (2001), Dark Moon (2002), A Treasure Deep (2003).

Linda Hall

Sadie's Song. Multnomah, 2001.
Abused housewife Sadie Thornton begins to suspect that her obsessive, controlling husband may have something to do with the disappearances of two little girls. She thinks she has nowhere to turn but God is watching out for Sadie and sends people into her life to help her.

T. L. Hines

Waking Lazarus. Bethany, 2006.
Jude Allman has died several times only to come back to life each time. The resulting celebrity has caused him to change his name and work as a school janitor in a rural Montana town. But his past refuses to stay in the past and his self-imposed isolation is threatened when a woman shows up at his door, suggesting that he has a purpose in life. Wanting only to be left alone, he begins to experience the ability to foresee death around him, and can visualize the process simply by touching the person. As a string of child abductions leaves the town in fear and when his own son is kidnapped Jude finds he must indeed find his purpose.

Kristen Heitzmann

Halos. Bethany, 2004.
On a journey to find a place to call home, Alessi Moore (who firmly believes in halos and angels) arrives in the town of Charity, where her car and all her possessions are stolen, forcing her to accept help from a couple of the locals. Among them is Steve, who doesn't trust women (he was abandoned by his mother & his fiance dumped him). Soon someone begins targeting Alessi with increasingly vicious pranks and the townspeople, it seems, have something to hide. For fans of romantic suspense.

Catherine Jinks

The Inquisitor. Minotaur, 2002, 1999.
In this historical mystery, set in fourteenth-century France, Father Bernard Peyre is kept busy rooting out and persecuting heretics. After his new supervisor is murdered, he uncovers a forbidden affair between the victim and the beautiful Johanna de Caussade, and before long he finds himself being set up both for denouncement as a heretic himself and implicated in Augustin's death.

Robert Liparulo

Comes a Horseman. WestBow, 2005.
FBI agents Brady Moore and Alicia Wagner pursue a killer from a centuries-old cult that may be linked to ancient prophecies only to become his prey.

Ralph McInerny

Her Death of Cold.Vanguard, 1977.
Father Frank Dowling must turn detective when his parish becomes the scene of a chilling murder. Followed by: The Seventh Station (1977); Bishop as Pawn (1978); Lying Three (1979); Second Vespers (1980); Thicker Than Water (1981); A Loss of Patients (1982); The Grass Widow (1983); Getting a Way with Murder (1984); Rest in Pieces (1991); The Basket Case (1987); Abracadaver (1989); Four on the Floor (1989); Judas Priest (1991); Desert Sinner (1992); Seed of Doubt (1993); A Cardinal Offense (1994); The Tears of Things (1996); Grave Undertakings (2000); Triple Pursuit (2001); Prodigal Father (2002); Last Things (2003); Requiem for a Realtor (2004); Blood Ties (2005); The Prudence of Flesh (2006); The Widow's Mate (2007); Ash Wednesday (2008); The Wisdom of Father Dowling (2009); & Stained Glass (2009)..

Craig Parshall

The Resurrection File. Harvest House, 2002.
Will Chambers' life is a mess. He drinks too much. He has never really recovered from his estranged wife's murder. He's been kicked out of his law firm. And most of his friends have abandoned him. Now, the Rev. McCameron asks Will to defend him in a defamation case against stemming from an article he published attacking a recent archaeological discovery that, if genuine, renders the Gospels (especially as it pertains to the resurrection of Christ) as a book of lies. Although he is an agnostic, Wills is also honest, ethical and open minded. He takes the case and finds himself in much more than a mere courtroom battle. Followed by: Custody of the State (2003), The Accused (2003), Missing Witness (2004), and The Last Judgment (2005).

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

California Angel. Dutton, 1995.
After a near-death experience teacher Toy Johnson is haunted by dreamlike memories of children on the brink of death - children she believes she somehow has saved. Despite what anyone else thinks, when Toy sees herself on television rescuing a boy from a deadly fire, she knows she is a purveyor of miracles - a living angel. But this newfound vision of herself is challenged when she is arrested for kidnapping and charged with murder. And her only salvation may be a mysterious transit cop.

Patricia Rushford

Deadly Aim. Revell, 2004.
After a robbery gone wrong, police officer Angel Delaney is forced to shoot a twelve-year-old boy. Angel is sure she fired once, but there are three wounds, one of them a fatal shot. The media is all over her, portraying her as a racist, rogue cop.With important evidence from the shooting scene gone missing and facts not adding up, Callen believes there might be more to what happened than meets the eye. Detective Callen Riley agrees that something is amiss and helps her to find the truth.

Lynne Scholes & John Moore

The Grail Conspiracy. Midnight Ink, 2005.
A secret organization, millennia old, a religious conspiracy...No, it's not The Da Vinci Code. TV journalist Cotten Stone joins forces with priest Fr. John Tyler to uncover the mystery of the Holy Grail (and Cotton's mysterious connection to it) and an ancient evil poised to bring upon the end of the world.

Randy Singer

Directed Verdict. Waterbrook, 2002.
Young attorney Brad Carson files an unprecedented civil rights suit against Saudi Arabia and the ruthless head of the Muttawa in the aftermath of the torture and murder of a missionary and the wrongful deportation of his wife, whose life insurance company has refused to pay, citing a bogus charge of cocaine addiction. The case, which brings up international law issues, as well as issues of faith, ends up in the courtroom of the Hon. Cynthia Baker-Kline, a pro choice judge who had an earlier run-in with Carson over a pro life protester he represented. By the same author: False Witness (2007).

Jennifer Stanley

Stiring Up Strife. St. martin's, 2010.
After numerous murders occure, Cooper Lee and the Bible study group at Hope Stree Church try to stop the killer with some guidance from God. Followed by: Path of the Wicked (2010) & The Way of the Guilty (2010).

Debbie Viguie

The Lord is My Shepherd. Abington, 2010.
After a body is discovered at the First Presbyterian church, secretary Cindy Preston joins forces with Rabbi Jeremiah Silverman, of the nearby synagogue to unmask the killer, while forging a bond of trust and friendship that transcends their religious beliefs. Followed by: I Shall Not Want (2010) & Lie Down in Green Pastures (2011).

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