Warm Hearts, Cold Noses:
Our Never-ending Love-Affair with Dogs

The Puppy Diaries: Raising a Dog Named Scout, by Jill Abramson. Times, 2011.
After bringing home an adorable nine-week-old golden retriever puppy, writer Jill Abramson wrote a column for The New York Times's website
chronicling the joys and challenges of training this rambunctious addition to her family.

Dog is My Co-pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship, by the editors of BARK. Crown, 2003.
An anthology of essays, short stories, and expert commentaries that explores every aspect of our life with dogs.
[636.7 Dog]

Bark If You Love Me: A Woman-Meets-Dog Story, by Louise Bernikow. Algonquin, 2000.
The author, a single city-dweller, always felt she was a savvy and independent lady, but when a little brown abandoned boxer enters her life, she learns more than a few lessons about life, love and companionship. Followed by Dreaming in Libro: How a Godd Dog Tamed a Bad Woman. (2007)
[636.70887 Bernikow]

The Truth About Dogs: An Inquiry into the Ancestry, Social Conventions, Mental Habits, & Moral Fiber of Canis Familiaris, by Stephen Budiansky. Viking, 2000.
Explains why dogs do what they do, think what they think, and feel what they feel-and how they have come to occupy such a remarkable place in our lives and affections.
[636.70887 Budiansky]

Similar titles

Your Dog is Your Mirror: The Emotional Capacity of Our Dogs & Ourselves, by Kevin Behan. New World, 2011. [636.7 Behan]
If Dogs Could Talk: Exploring the Canine Mind, by Vilmos Csanyi. North Point, 2005. [636.70887 Csanyi]
The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs, by Patricia B. McConnell. Ballantine, 2002. [636.7 McConnell]
For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend. Ballantine, 2006. [636.7 McConnell]
The Social Lives of Dogs: The Grace of Canine Company, by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. S&S, 2000. [636.70887 Thomas]
The Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving: How Dogs have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years, by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. Harper, 2010. [636.7 Masson]

Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog, by Susannah Charleson. HM, 2010.
In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Susannah Charleson found her life's calling. She adopted Puzzle, a bright Golden Retriever puppy, and trained her as a search-and-rescue dog to find lost, injured, or dead people, including a riveting account of sifting through the remains of space shuttle Columbia explosion.
[636.7088 Charleson]

A Famous Dog's Life: The Story of Gidget, America's most beloved Chihuahua, by Sue Chipperton & Rennie Dyball. NAL, 2011.
The extraordinary on-screen and off story of the pint-sized star who worked with such stars as Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, & Reese Witherspoon, and who uttered those famous words, "Yo quiero Taco Bell."
[636.76 Chipperton]

Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible & Unforgettable Dog, by Stanley Coren. Free Press, 2010.
psychologist and beloved dog expert Coren, the author of numerous books on man's best friend, shares the often amusing and always instructive stories of life with Flint, his oversized Cairn Terrier, who (in the words of his own book titles) taught him How to Speak Dog and How Dogs Think and whose antics made him ask Why Does My Dog Act That Way?
[636.755 Coren]

A Dog's History of America: How Our Friends Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent, by Mark Derr. North Point, 2004.
A fascinating looks at the ways in which we have used canines--from pulling sleds to sniffing for bombs--in American culture and society.
[636.700973 Derr]

Dog Years: A Memoir by Mark Doty. HarCol, 2007.
The author adopts young Beau, as a companion for his dying partner and for his black retreiver, Arden. A heart-warming tale of love, loss and friendship.
[636.7527 Doty D]

Huck: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family--And a Whole Town--About Hope and Happy Endings, by Janet Elder. Broadway, 2010.
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Elder decides a new puppy would  be the perfect antidote to the strain of her illness on her family. Enter Huck--a sweet but mischievous, toy poodle who brings joy into their lives. And when Huck is lost, strangers from school children to a local police lieutenant, join the search for his safe return to his desperate family.
[636.728 Elder]

Dog Love, by Marjorie Garber. Simon & Schuster, 1996.
Putting a new spin on a tried and favorite topic, Garber takes a look at how dogs are viewed in popular culture, from Lassie and Rin Tin Tin to Checkers & Millie Bush.
[636.7001 Garber]

Dog World: and the Humans Who Live There, by Alfred Gingold. Broadway, 2005.
A hilarious excursion through the obsessive, colorful, occasionally lunatic--but ultimately rewarding--world of dog ownership.
[636.7 Gingold]

The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption, by Jim Gorant. Gotham, 2010.
It was one of the most notorious cases of dog cruelty ever uncovered. Gorant traces the rescue of dozens of pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's dog-fighting operation and the animal lovers who were determined to save them.
[636.0832 Gorant]

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, by John Grogan. Morrow, 2004.
How a rambunctious, incorrigible obedience-school dropout helped his human parents discover the key to happiness.
[636.7527092 Grogan]

I Have Heard You Calling in the Night, by Thomas Healy. Harcourt, 2006.
Healy, a brawling drunk until he adopted a Doberman pinscher puppy he named Martin, tells the story of the remarakble bond that saved him from a destructive, downward spiral.
[636.736092 Healy]

James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories, by James Herriot. St. Martin's, 1996, 1995.
With wit and compassion, Great Britain's most beloved country vet recounts his many encounters with our four-footed friends.
[636.7 Herriot]

Mystical Dogs: Animals As Guides to Our Inner Lives, by Jean Houston. Inner Ocean, 2002.
The best-selling author of books about the power of myth, shows us how animals, and dogs in particular, can help restore us to our natural condition of oneness with nature.
[636.7002 Houston]

Faithful Friends: Dogs in Life and Literature, edited by Frank Jackson. Carroll & Graf, 1997.
A marvelous anthology of dog lore and literature through the centuries.
[636.7 Faithful]

A Good Dog: The Story of Orson, who Changed My Life, by Jon Katz. Villard, 2006.
Happy with his laid-back Labradors, the author's life is turned upside-down after he adopts a high-strung Border Collie
[636.737 Katz]

Pukka: The Pup After Merle, by Ted Kerasote. HMH, 2010.
In this follow-up to Merle's Door (2007), Kerasote's new best friend tells his own story in words and photos of how they met and his first six months of life from a puppy to an exceptional dog.
[636.7oo9 Pukka]

A Rare Breed of Love: The True Story of Baby and the Mission She Inspired to Help Dogs Everywhere, by Jana Kohl. Fireside, 2008.
This story of a three-legged rescue from a "breeder" farm is a heart-wrenching indictment of the cruel, nightmarish conditions in puppy mills and the widespread abuses in the world of commercial breeding.
[636.7 Kohl]

On the same topic...

Saving Gracie: How One Dog Escaped the Shadowy World of American Puppy Mills, by Carol Bradley. Wiley, 2010. [636.7083 Bradley]


Tails from the Bark Side, by Brian Kilcommons & Sarah Wilson. Warner, 1997.
Some are psychic, some are heroes, and some are just plain clowns. Here are some heartwarming and humorous tales of remarkable dogs.
[636.7 Kilcommons]

You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness, by Julie Klam. Riverhead, 2010.
The story of how one woman discovered life's most important lessons from her relationships with her canine companions and returned the favor by devoting herself to helping abandoned dogs find forever homes.
[615.8515 Klam]

Pack of Two, by Caroline Knapp. Dial Press, 1998.
Emotionally spent after the loss of both of her parents and her alcohol addiction, author Knapp found solace and meaning when a shelter pup named Lucille came into her life. Her book explores the emotionally complex relationship between people and their dogs.
[636.7088 Knapp]

Ella in Europe: An American Dog's International Adventures, by Michael Konik. Delacorte, 2005.
Los Angeles writer Konick and his beloved Lab-mix take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe's most beautiful and refreshingly dog-friendly cities.
[636.700929 Konik]

A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog, by Dean Koontz. Hyperion, 2009.
The best-selling suspense author pays tribute to Trixie, a golden retriever--and retired service animal--adopted by his family, who "was something more than a dog…this spirit was a wonder and a revelation."
[636.7527 Koontz]

A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue & the Meaning of Life, by Steven Kotler. Bloomsbury, 2010.
How the author's life was dramatically changed after he a woman devoted to the cause of canine rescues and they opened Rancho de Chihuahua, a sanctuary for dogs with special needs.
[636.7 Kotler]

The Dog Diet: What My Dog Taught Me About Shedding Pounds, Licking Stress, & Getting a New Leash on Life, by Patti Lawson. HealthCom, 2006.
Lawson was depressed and over-weight until a homeless puppy named Sadie comes into her life.
[636.7085 Lawson]

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love, by Larry Levin. Grand Central, 2010.
It was a sad day for Larry Levin and his twin sons as they took their terminally ill cat to animal hospital to be put to sleep. But things took an unexpected turn as the ugliest dog they had ever seen ran up to them and captured their hearts.
[636.7009 Levin]

Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish, by Mark R. Levin. Pocket, 2007.
A radio talk-show host describes his family's relationship with Sprite, a beautiful, loving, and gentle animal whose deteriorating health taught the entire family a lesson in friendship, love, joy, and grief.
[636.7 Levin]

Found Dogs: Tales of Strays Who Landed on Their Feet, by Elise Lufkin. Howell, 1997.
A moving tribute to the power of love between people and dogs—how that love has transformed dogs who were lost, and the people who were lucky enough to find them.
[636.70832 Lufkin]

Woman's Best Friend: Women Writers on the Dogs in Their Lives, ed by Megan McMorris. Seal, 2006.
26 different stories of women and the dogs who have touched their lives in one way or another.
[636.7 Womans]

Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever who Saved Him, by Luis Carlos Montalván (with Bret Witter). Hyperion, 2011.
Capt. Luis Montalvan returned home from his second tour of duty in Iraq, having survived stab wounds, a traumatic brain injury, and three broken vertebrae. His physical disabilities, agoraphobia, and crippling PTSD drove him to the edge of suicide. That's when he met Tuesday, a very special dog who became his life-line.
[B Montalván]

Old Dogtown, by Michael Mountain. Gibbs Smith, 2001.
Meet the charming canines who live at the famed Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.
[636.7 Mountain]

Chelsea: The Story of a Signal Dog, by Paul Ogden. Little, Brown, 1992.
A new and exciting world opens up for a deaf couple when their "Canine Companion" Chelsea, a Belgian sheepdog, comes into their lives.
[636.7088 Ogden]

The Dogs Who Came to Stay, by George Pitcher. William Abrahams, 1995.
How two dogs, a wild stray named Lupa and her pup, Remus, intruded upon and subsequently changed the lives of two middle-aged Princeton professors.
[636.70887 Pitcher]

Katie Up & Down the Hall: The True Story of How One Dog Turned Five Neighbors into a Family, by Glenn Plaskin. Center St., 2010.
The delightful story of Katie, the author's precocious cocker spaniel whose antics brought him closer to his lower Manhattan neighbors and turned an apartment building of strangers into an urban family.
[636.7009 Plaskin]

Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of World War II, by William W. Putney. Free Press, 2001.
A celebration of the four-legged soldiers that fought in Guam and across the islands of the Pacific. It is a tale of immense courage and incredible sacrifice.
[940.5481 Putney]

For the Love of a Dog, by Elisabeth Rose. Harmony, 2001.
The story of the author's life-long love affair with dogs, especially her Border Collie, Kierney, who is misdiagnosed as insane.
[636.7 Rose]

First Dogs: American Presidents & Their Best Friends, by Roy Rowan & Brooke Janis. Algonquin, 1997.
The history of presidential pooches from Sweetlips (George Washington) to Buddy (Bill Clinton).
[973 Rowan]

Dog Miracles: Inspirational & Heroic True Stories, by Brad Steiger & Sherry Hansen Steiger. Adams, 2001.
A collection of over 60 stories of ordinary canines who became heroes.
[636.70887 Steiger]

Two Puppies, by Jane & Michael Stern. Scribner, 1998.
Follows the puppyhood and development of two very different dogs-the virtuous and obedient guide dog, Parnell, and the naughty, hopelessly disobedient Clementine (dubbed Clemenstein by her harried owners).
[636.7 Stern]

Saving Cinnamon, by Christine Sullivan. St. Martin's, 2009.
The amazing true story of a missing military puppy and the desperate mission to bring her home.
[636.7092 Sullivan]

My Life with George: What I Learned about Joy from One Neurotic (and very expensive) Dog, by Judith Summers. Voice, 2007.
Meet George, a willful, accident prone Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who although "as time-consuming as a full-time job and as expensive as a Ferrari" nevertheless filled a void in the author's life after the deaths of her husband and father.
[636.752 Summers]

Love is the Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyday Miracles, by Nick Trout. Broadway, 2010.
How a Boston veterinarian surgeon's outlook on life, death, fate and love was affected by two of his patients: a young Miniature Pinscher named Cleo and an old abandoned cocker spaniel by the name of Helen. By the same author: Tell Me Where it Hurts (2008)
[636.7 Trout]

For Bea: The Story of the Beagle Who Changed My Life, by Kristin von Kreisler. Tarcher, 2003.
After finding an abandoned, malnourished beagle on the side of the road, the author resolves to salvage the poor creatures life and in turn, learns a thing or two about unconditional love and the value of enjoying life to its fullest.
[636.7537 Von Kreisler]

The Leading Lady: Dinah's Story, by Betty White and Tom Sullivan. Bantam, 1991.
What happens when a devoted seeing-eye dog enters her twilight years but isn't ready to admit it is time to retire? White and Sullivan tell the story of a very special "golden girl."
[636.7 White]

The Dog Who Would Be King by John C. Wright, with Judy Wright Lashnits. Rodale, 1999.
An animal behaviorist shares some of his toughest cases of canine angst and gives hope to dog owners everywhere with his assertion that even the most difficult problems can be solved with love, patience and consistency.
[636.7089 Wright]

What the Dog Did: Tales From a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner by Emily Yoffe. Bloomsbury, 2005.
A long-time cat lover finds unexpected romance with rover.
[636.70887 Yoffe]


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