The inspiring, true-life stories of those intrepid people who have dedicated their lives to helping animals.

Joy Adamson
Born Free: Lioness of Two Worlds. Pantheon, 1960. [599.7442 Adamson].
The now-famous story of Joy & George Adamson, who raised an orphaned cub and prepared her for her inevitable return to the wild. By the same author: Living Free (1961), Forever Free (1962), Pippa's Challenge (1972), and Queen of Shaba (1980). For further reading, try My Pride and Joy (1987), by George Adamson, The Great Safari: The Lives of George and Joy Adamson (1993), by Adrian House and Joy Adamson: Behind the Mask, by Caroline Cass. (1992).

Cleveland Amory
Ranch of Dreams: A Lifelong Protector of Animals Shares the Story of His Extraordinary Sanctuary. Viking, 1997. [B 636.0832 Amory].
Amory shares his stories of the creatures he's sheltered at his Black Beauty Ranch, America's most unusual animal sanctuary, located in East Texas, a place he wanted the animals to feel, from the day they arrived, that belonged to them and would always belong to them as long as they live.

Lawrence Anthony, with Graham Spencer
Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo. T. Dunne, 2007. [590.7356747 Anthony].
Chronicles Anthony’s efforts to save a pride of Saddam’s lions, close a deplorable black-market zoo, run ostriches through shoot-to-kill checkpoints, and rescue the dictator’s personal herd of thoroughbred Arabian horses.

Gay Louise Balliet
Touched by All Creatures: Doctoring Animals in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. New Horizon, 1999, [B 636.089 Balliet B].
The author tells the story of her veterinarian husband, Edgar, who tends to the health of a strange assortment of barn animals, buffaloes, baboons and other creatures in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

David Cruise & Alison Griffiths
Wild Horse Annie & the Last of the Mustangs: The Life of Velma Johnston. Scribner, 2010. [B Johnston C].
The story of the heroine responsible for spurring Congress into passing legislation that protected the free-ranging wild horses roaming the public lands of the West

Warren Eckstein, with Denise Madden
Memoirs of a Pet Therapist. FC, 1998. [B 636.089689 Eckstein].
The exploits of a modern-day Doctor Dolittle, who has trained guard dogs for the mob, administered to the pets of Al Pacino and Kathie Lee Gifford, and saved countless animals' lives

Lester E. Fisher
Dr. Fisher's Life on the Ark: Green Alligators, Bushman, and other "Hare-Raising" Tales from America's Most Popular Zoo and Around the World. Racom, 2005. [B 590.92 Fisher F].
The author, the director of Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo shares more than 30 years of memories loving and caring for animals the world over.

Samantha Glen
Best Friends: The True Story of the World's Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary. Kensington. 2001. [636.0832 Glen]
The inspiring story of the nation's largest "no-kill" shelter for abused and abandoned animals READ ALSO: Old Dog Town (Gibbs Smith, 2001) and The World According to Julius (Gibbs Smith, 2001) by Michael Mountain.

Lee Gutkind
An Unspoken Art: Profiles of Veterinary Life. Holt, 1997. [636.089 Gutkind].
Chronicles the daily life, motivations, and eccentricities of today's vets, their patients, and their patients' owners.

Jack Hanna, with John Stravinsky
Monkeys on the Interstate & Other Tales from America's Favorite Zookeeper. Doubleday, 1989. [636.08899 Hanna].
The autobiography of a man whose life with animals has been one memorable-and often hilarious-adventure after another.

Susanne Harthoorn
Life with Daktari. Atheneum, 1969. [B Harthoorn].
The adventures of a husband-and-wife vet team as they study and heal wild animals in Kenya. Followed by: Listen to the Wild (1972).

Ralph Helfer
Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion that Ever Lived. HarCol, 2005. [599.7570920 Helfer].
The incredible story a man who survived a brutal childhood on Chicago's South Side and found his purpose in life in his love for animals. He eventually became a Hollywood trainer who developed a kinder, gentler approach to training animals (as opposed to using fear and harsh discipline). One of his "star" was Zamba, who appeared in "The Lion" in 1962.

James Herriot
All Creatures Great and Small. St. M., 1972. [b 636.089 Herriot H].
Follows the true-life adventures of veterinarian James Herriot in rural England in the late 1930s. By the same author: All Things Bright and Beautiful (1974), All Things Wise and Wonderful (1977), The Lord God Made them All (1981), Every Living Thing (1992). Further reading: The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father (1999), by Jim Wight and James Herriot: Life of a Country Vet (1997), by Graham Lord.

Elizabeth Hess
Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, & Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter. HB, 1998. [636.0832 Hess].
Journalist Hess went to the Columbia Greene Animal Shelter in upstate New York looking for a new dog. Touched by the animals' plight and the dedication of the workers, she began to volunteer at the shelter on a regular basis. This book brings you behind the scenes of the day-to-day workings of the shelter, its triumphs and tragedies.

Len Hill & Emma Wood
Birdland: The Story of a World Famous Bird Sanctuary. Taplinger, 1976. [639.9782 H].
Although he had no formal ornithological training, Len Hill established Birdland zoological garden on the five-acre grounds of his Tudor manor home in the village of Bourton-on-the-Water, England where some 1,200 birds from over 20 countries reside.

Judy Hughes
A Bird in the Hand and a Bear in the Bush: A Halfway House for Wildlife. Chronicle, 1976. [639.96 Hughes].
The touching story of an Oregon family, their 175-acre ranch that became a refuge for orphaned and injured animals.

William B. Karesh
Appointment at the Ends of the World: Memoirs of a Wildlife Veterinarian. Warner, 1999. [636.089 Karesh K].
From saving the life of a wounded okapi in Zaire to collecting DNA samples from endangered orangutans in Borneo, Dr. William Karesh cares for and protects animals in some of the most exotic and remote corners of the world.

Richard E. Leakey and Virginia Morell
Wildlife Wars: My Fight to Save Africa's Natural Treasures. St. M., 2001. [B 333.95416 Leakey].
When Leakey was appointed head of Kenya's Wildlife Conservation Department he soon found himself dealing with a financially bankrupt organization, poachers armed with automatic weapons, bureaucratic inefficiency, and the sad results of the world's appetite for ivory.

Diane Leigh
One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter. NVU, 2005, 2003. [636.0832 Leigh].
Each year community animal shelters take in 8-12 million lost and unwanted dogs and cats who face an uncertain fate. This is a true account of 7 days in a typical U.S. animal shelter.

Graham Lord
James Herriot: Life of a Country Vet. C&G, 1997. [B 636.089 Herriot L].
This is the story of Alf Wight, aka James Herriot, whose best-selling books about the 50 years he spent tending to all creatures great and small made him the most famous veterinarian in the world.

Nicci Mackay
Spoken in Whispers: The Autobiography of a Horse Whisperer. S&S, 1998, c1997. [636.089 Mackay].
How a remarkable woman, who hears the language of horses and communicates with them, transforms their lives and the lives of their owners.

John McCormack
Fields and Pastures New: My First Year as a Country Vet. Fawcett, 1997, 1995. [B 636.089 McCormack].
The warm and gently humorous memoir of a young veterinarian's first year of practice in Choctaw County, Alabama, in the early 1960s. Followed by: A Friend of the Flock (1997) and The Hero of the Herd (1999).

Samantha Mooney
A Snowflake in My Hand. Delacorte, 1983. [636.089 Mooney].
Mooney tells of her work with the terminally-ill cats she encounters in an animal cancer ward.

Ky Evan Mortensen
Horses of the Storm: The Incredible Rescue of Katrina's Horses. Eclipse, 2008. [636.0832 Mortensen].
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the Louisiana State University's Equine Rescue Team spearheaded a dedicated group of heroic staff and volunteers mounted the largest equine rescue ever. A heartfelt story of heroes and the will to survive under the most tragic circumstances.

Delia and Mark Owens
The Eye of the Elephant: An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness. HM, 1992. [639.97961 Owens].
After learning that the local villagers depended on poaching elephants to survive, the authors labor to develop alternative methods of income, but their battle to save the elephants turns into a fight to save their own lives from the wrath of big commercial poachers. By the same authors: Cry of the Kalahari.

Monty Roberts
The Man Who Listens to Horses. RH, 1996. [B 636.10835 Roberts R].
Roberts, the "horse whisperer" who has spent a lifetime learning about horses, explains how he began to communicate with them rather than employ the common practice of breaking their spirits. Also by Monty Roberts: Shy Boy: The Horse that Came in from the Wild (1999).

Phillip T. Robinson
Life at the Zoo: Behind the Scenes with the Animal Doctors. Columbia Univ., 2004. [590.73 Robinson]
An insider's view of how animals are cared for and exhibited at the nation's zoological parks.

Gary Ross
At Large: The Fugitive Odyssey of Murray Hill and His Elephants. RH, 1992. [636.088 Ross].
How do you hide two elephants when the FBI is after you? Animal trainer Murray Hill did just that when he repossess them from the circus he sold them to, believing them to have been abused.

Edward J. Scanlon, with Martha Scanlon Ronemus
Animal Patients: 50 Years in the Life of an Animal Doctor. Camino, 2000. [636.089 Scanlon].
A narrative of the schooling, daily life, and oddball patients of a big-city veterinarian in the 1940s.

Cathy Scott
Pawprints of Katrina: Pets Saved & Lessons Learned. Wiley, 2008. [636.0832 Scott.
Documents the author's experience working with the Best Friends Animal Society triage center to rescue lost animals and reunite them with their owners.

Robert T. Sharp
No Dogs in Heaven?: Scenes from the Life of a Country Veterinarian. C&G, 2005. [B 636.089092 Sharp].
Relates the joys, challenges and strange experiences associated with being a "mixed practice" vet in rural USA.

Sheila Siddle
In My Family Tree: A Life with Chimpanzees. Grove, 2002. [599.885 Siddle].
When a local game ranger brings a battered, malnourished chimpanzee to the door of her cattle ranch in central Zambia asking if she can do anything to save it, Sheila Siddle and her husband have no idea that it will lead to the launching of a world famous Wildlife Orphanage.

Kim W. Stallwood (ed.)
Speaking Out for Animals: True Stories about Real People who Rescue Animals. Lantern, 2001. [636.0832 Speaking].
Inspiring accounts about people involved in animal advocacy and rescue.

Kathy Stevens & Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Where the Blind Horse Sings: Love & Trust at an Animal Sanctuary. Sky Horse, 2007. [636.0832 Stevens].
All about the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, a haven for abused farm animals, where distinctions between “human” and “animal” are meaningless, a world where care and affection trump years of neglect and abuse.

David Taylor
Zoo Vet: Adventures of a Wild Animal Doctor. Lippincott, 1977. [636.089 Taylor].
The rollicking exploits of a wildlife vet whose "house-calls" have included Pakistan, Indonesia, and China. Followed by: Next Panda, Please (S&D, 1982) and Vet on the Wild Side (St. M., 1990).

Amelia Thomas
Zoo on the Road to Nablus: A Story of Survival from the West Bank. PA, 2008. [590.73 Thomas].
A dedicated zoo vet struggles to nurture Palestine's last zoo, located in battle-ravaged Qalqilya, amidst war and regional politics.

Nick Trout
Tell Me Where it Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing & Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon. HM, 2008. [636.089 Trout].
Trout offers his perspective on a typical day in his life, with plenty of anecdotes about pets and their owners and the unique blend of cutting-edge technology, old-fashioned instinct, and caring that comprise veterinary medicine today.

Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, with Vicki Croke
Animal ER: Extraordinary Stories of Hope & Healing from One of the World's Leading Veterinary Hospitals. Dutton, 1999. 636.0832 Animal].
Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine has the largest emergency medicine training program in the country, treating more than 24,000 animals each year. Here is an enthralling behind-the-scenes look inside the Foster Hospital for Small Animals.

Jeff Wells
All My Patients Have Tales: Favorite Stories from a Vet's Practice. St. Martin's, 2009. [636.089 Wells].
A vet recounts some of his funniest and most heart-warming cases.

Douglas Whynott
A Country Practice: Scenes From the Veterinary Life. North Point, 2004. [B 636.089092 Shaw].
Chronicles a year in the lives of three country doctors who run a "mixed practice" in rural New Hampshire, administering to everything from dogs and cats to horses and pigs.

Jim Wight
The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father. Ballantine, 1999. [B 636.089 Herriot W].
A loving portrait of the renowned country vet by the man who knew him best--his son.

Lucas Younker & John J. Fried
Animal Doctor. Dutton, 1976. [B Younker].
How the author overcame bigotry and personal tragedy in order to treat the animals he loves so well.


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