Miscellaneous Fiction

What the Dickens!: Novels with a Dickensian Flavor

Flowery Titles: Novels with Only One Thing in Common

Life's A Gamble: Stories About Games of Chance

A Broad Canvas: Novels About Artists

Urban Fiction

The One that Got Away: Fishing Tales

Food for Thought: A Readable Feast

The Way it Wasn't: Alternate Histories

What's All the Buzz About?

Italian-American Fiction

Politics and Poker: Novels About the Second Oldest Profession

Beyond the DaVinci Code

Books With Byte: Computers in Fiction

Hit the Beach!: Novels with Only One Thing in Common

And the Winner Is...Books That Became Oscar-Winning Best Pictures.

Batter Up! Novels About America's Pastime

Long Island Locale: Novels That Take Place on Long Island

Sister, Sister: Novels Featuring Sisters

Black is Beautiful: African-American Fiction

The Fourth Estate: The Newspaper Business in Fiction

Christmas Fiction

One Good Book Deserves Another: Sequels, Preludes & Homages

All the World's A Page!: Actor Novelists

New York City in Fiction

Pick a Prize: A Selection of Award-winning Fiction


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