The Return of Chick-Lit!


Lauren Baratz-Logsted
How Nancy Drew Saved My Life. Red Dress, 2006.
After her heart is broken, literature-loving nanny Charlotte Bell channels both Nancy Drew and Jane Austen when she is faced with a mystery and her feelings for her enigmatic and brooding new employer. By the same author: Baby Needs a New Pair of Shows (2008).

Daniella Brodsky
Fear of Driving. Berkley, 2007.
Struggling with memories about her itinerant childhood in her mother's beat-up car which has left her with a distinct fear of driving, Manhattanite Ruby is faced with a tough choice when she meets Ed Rollins of Middleville, CT. Will her desire for love get her behind the wheel of a car? By the same author: Diary of a Working Girl (2004).

Darcy Cosper
Wedding Season. Three Rivers, 2004.
Joy Silverman has never worried overly much about the “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” things until she receives 17 wedding invitations in 6 months and everyone keeps asking when she and her photographer boyfriend are going to tie the knot.

Penny Culliford
Theodora’s Wedding. Zondervan, 2003.
Theodora Llewellyn discovers that in her search for life, love and a plentiful supply of chocolate, things seldom rum smoothly. By the same author: Theodora’s Diary (2004).

Sheila Curran
Diana Lively is Falling Down. Berkeley, 2005.
An unhappily married Brit transplanted to Arizona finds that love can flood her dry life like a lake in the desert, and make it bloom.

Toby Devens
My Favorite Mid-Life Crisis (Yet). Sourcebooks, 2006.
It’s been two years and gynecologic oncologist Dr. Gwyneth Berke still hasn’t recovered from her ex-husband’s coming out of the closet. But now her friends think it’s time for her to start dating again and Gwyneth learns that there is life after menopause.

Sarah Dunn
The Big Love. LB, 2004.
When her live-in boyfriend unexpectedly leaves her for his seductive ex-girlfriend, Alison Hopkins embraces her new freedom by gossiping with her friends and sampling love's many varieties as she searches for a happy ending. By the same author: Secrets to Happiness (2009.).

Heather Estay
It’s Never Too Late to Get a Life. Avon, 2005.
When her husband left her, he also left Angie with a lot of debt. As she reenters the dating scene she gets all sorts of contradictory advice from her grown daughter and three best friends. But is falling fore a married man what they had in mind? By the same author: It's Never Too Late to Be a Bridemaid (2006) & It's Never Too Late to Look Hot (2006).

Laura Florand
Blame It on Paris. Forge, 2006.
In France on a scholarship, Georgia Peach Laura, who has spent most of her adult life avoiding serious relationships and doesn’t particularly like the French, suddenly finds herself involved with a sexy & charming Frenchman named Sébastien. It shouldn’t work: they go together like grits and escargot. But then, love is a many-splendored thing.

Elaine Fox
Guys & Dogs. Avon, 2006.
When she tries to return a lost boisterous puppy to its supposed owner, Fredericksburg, VA veterinarian Megan Rose ends up at the high-tech mansion a gorgeous, multi-millionaire software tycoon named Sutter Foley, who denies it is his--he doesn’t even like dogs. But the dog, whose name goes from “Baywatch” to “Twister” becomes the catalyst for giving them both a new leash on life.

Mara Goodwin-Davies
When Harry Hit the Hamptons. Sourcebooks, 2005.
L.A. party boy Harry Raider has been given an ultimatum from his parents: shape up or lose his inheritance. They think the Hamptons is just the place for Harry to clean up his act…little do they know. Followed by: When Harry Hit Hollywood (2006).

Laurie Graff
Looking for Mr. Goodfrog. Red Dress, 2006.
In her life-long search for Prince Charming, aspiring actress Karrie Kline instead found a wealth of bad frogs and has turned her dating disasters into a successful one-woman show. Then she finds herself dateless at a wedding and meets Doug Fox, who may be just what she has been looking for. By the same author: You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs (2004), Eight Dates of Hanukkah (2005) & The Shiksa Syndrome (2008).

Susan Hubbard
Lisa Maria’s Guide for the Perplexed. Red Dress, 2004.
Sick and tired of nine-to-five office jobs and falling for men who don’t appreciate her, Lisa Marie makes an unexpected career move: she goes home and takes a job as a maid, although she spends more time bossing her clients around than actually cleaning anything...except for writer Bob McAllister, who may or may not be the man of her dreams. By the same author: Lisa Maria Takes Off (2005).

Janice Kaplan & Lynn Schnurnberger
The Men I Didn’t Marry. Ballantine, 2006.
After she is dumped by her husband for a younger woman, successful lawyer Hallie begins to reconnect with all the men in her past she didn’t marry in the hope of discovering her future. By the same authors: The Botox Diaries (2004), Mine Are Spectacular! (2005) & The Men I Didn't Marry (2006).

Adviata Kala
Almost Single. Bantam, 2007.
She loves her care-free single life and job as guest relations manager at New Delhi’s five-star Grand Orchid Hotel, but Aisha Bhatia’s mother keeps reminding her that her biological clock is ticking. It is not until handsome Karan Verma arrives from New York, that Aisha experiences an unexpected attitude adjustment. .

Donna Kauffman
Not So Snow White. Bantam, 2006.
Forced out of the game by a career-ending injury, tennis star Tess Hamilton finds herself in financial straights and reluctantly agrees to coach Gabby, an up-and-coming phenom with the same bad attitude Tess always exhibited. It doesn’t help matters that Gabby’s sexy manager, Max, can’t stand Tess. You know what that means. By the same author: The Big Bad Wolf Tells All (2003), The Cinderella Rules (2004) Dear Prince Charming (2004), Bad Boys in Kilts (2006) & The Naked Truth (2007).

Marian Keyes
This Charming Man. Morrow, 2008.
Four women tell how their lives were shaped by their love for a charming and charismatic Dublin politician with more than a few secrets. By the same author:, Angels (2002), Sushi for Beginners (2003) & Girls' Night Out (2006).

Mia King
Good Things. Berkley, 2007, 06.
It’s been a tough time for Deidre McIntosh. First her popular Seattle life-style show is cancelled, and then her gay best friend/roommate moves out—and her name wasn’t on the lease. When Deidre finds herself wallet-less at a local restaurant, a handsome stranger picks up the tab and after a one-night stand, he offers Deidre the use of his country vacation home, which she reluctantly accepts. There she resolves to put her professional and private life back on track. Good things do happen to good people. By the same author: Sweet Life (2008).

Kirsten Lobe
Paris Hangover. St. Martins, 2006.
Fashion designer Klein (she doesn’t use her first name anymore) leaves her failed relationship and Tribeca loft behind to start anew in Paris. But the fulfillment of her dream hits a few bumps along the way. For one thing, she doesn’t speak French. And life (not to mention love) in the City of Light ain’t exactly what this Wisconsin-bred gal expects.

Cara Lockwood
Dixieland Sushi. Downtown, 2005.
Invited home to Dixieland, Arkansas, for the wedding of her beautiful cousin to the boy she once had a crush on Chicago TV producer Jen Nakamara Taylor, who has left her humble beginnings far behind (her father is a beer-drinking good ol’ boy named Bubba), talks Nigel, her British co-worker, into coming along as her date. By the same author: I Do But I Don’t (2003), Pink Slip Party (2004), Dixieland Sushi (2005) & I Did But I Wouldn't Now (2006).

Wendy Markham
That's Amore. Grand Central, 2008.
Psychic Daria Marshall thinks Ralphie is nice but doesn't see a future in the cards. But Ralphie's recetnly deceased father keeps hanging around where Daria can see him and seems to have his own ideas about his son's happiness. By the same author: Slightly Settled (2004), Slightly Engaged (2006), Slightly Suburban (2007), Mike, Mike & Me (2005) & If Only in My Dreams (2006).

Carole Matthews
The Chocolate Lovers' Club. T. Dunne, 2008.
Lucy Lombard and her fellow chocolate addicts--Autumn, Nadia, and Chantal--meet at a cafâe called Chocolate Heaven where they swap stories and advice about the drama in their individual lives. By the same author: Welcome to the Real World (2006), For Better, For Worse (2002), Bare Necessity (2003), The Sweetest Taboo (2004), More to Life Than This (2006).

Sharon Naylor
It’s Not My Wedding (But I’m in Charge). Kensington, 2007.
As if her life weren’t complicated enough, Mylie Ford, the much underappreciated go-to-gal for wedding planner-to-the-rich Zoe Brandenberg, tries to plan a secret celebrity wedding while dealing with an obsessed paparazzo, demanding clients, and her attraction to a dishy newly divorced personal chef whose 6-year-old daughter hates her on sight. By the same author: It's My Wedding, Too (2005).

Julie Ortolon
Almost Perfect. Signet, 2005
When Maddy, Christine, and Amy find that an old college roommate has written about them in her new self-help book, using them as examples of how women screw up their lives, they are furious. The trio makes pact face down their fears (after all, what was written about them was true) and maybe show Miss Perfect a thing or two. By the same author: Too Perfect (2005).

Adele Parks
Game Over. Downtown, 2004.
Cynical about love, marriage, and relationships, TV producer Cas Perry, who thinks men exist only to be manipulated, comes up with a great idea for a new reality TV show--Sex with an Ex—which becomes a ratings winner. She encounters Darren, hands-down the sexiest man she has ever met and is determined to get him on her show. But Darren is as principled as he is handsome and a firm believer in fidelity and commitment. Will Cas undergo an attitude adjustment? By the same author: Lust for Life (2003) & Larger then Life (2003)

Berta Platas
Lucky Chica. St. Martin's, 2008.
When down-on-her-luck Cuban-American Rosie Caballeros wins a $600 million lottery, she learns that money can buy everything but what her heart truly desires.

Delores Stewart Riccio
The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief. Kensington, 2005.
In Plymouth, MA, Wiccan Cass Shipton--owner of Earthlore Herbal Preparations and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics--her coven friends Fiona, Heather, Deirdre, & Phillipa, and her telepathic dog, Scruffy, engage in their third attempt at crime-fighting. By the same author: Circle of Five (2003) and Charmed Circle (2003).

Zoe Rice
Pick Me Up. NAL, 2006.
Successful and single, Izzy Duncan thinks she has a terrific life and a terrific career, but then the elderly owner of the successful NY art gallery where she works suddenly dies, she finds the gorgeous new owner, Avery Devon. But she gets off on the wrong foot with Grady Cole, a major new artist she inadvertently insults. Izzy must juggle her love of art with the art of love.

Saralee Rosenberg
Fate and Ms. Fortune. Avon, 2006.
Things are definitely not looking up for make-up artist/comedienne Robyn Fortune: first her mother announces her intention of leaving her dad and moving in with her and she learns that her ex has left her with his huge gambling debts. Little wonder she accepts money to date a man whose luck, if anything, is worse then hers. But when she sees a picture of Ken Danzinger, Robyn begins to wonder if fate is finally on her side. By the same author: A Little Help from Above (2003), Claire Voyant (2004), & Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead (2008).

Rebecca Seitz
Sisters, Ink. B&H, 2008.
Ten years after their mother's death, the multi-racial Sinclair sisters (Meg, Kendra, Tandy, and Joy) still return to her converted attic scrapping studio in the small town of Stars Hill, Tennessee, to encourage each other through life’s highs and lows. Followed by Coming Unglued (2008) & Scrapping Plans (2009) .

Plum Sykes
The Debutant Divorcee. Hyperion, 2006.
It’s bad enough that her husband was called away on business during their honeymoon, but now newlywed Sylvie Mortimer has debutante divorcee Lauren Blount to contend with as this notorious husband huntress has set her predatory sights on Sylvie's own spouse. By the same author: Bergdorf Blondes (2004).

Shanna Swendson
Damsel Under Stress. Ballantine, 2007.
In the sequel to Once Upon Stilettos (2006) and Enchanted Inc. (2005), transplanted Texan Katie Chandler, who works for a company called MSI (which stands for Magic, Spells and Illusions) finally believes that her life is under control, until her bumbling fairy godmother Ethelinda interrupts her date with her handsome wizard of a co-worker Owen while an evil wizard with an eye for the ladies plans for world domination, beginning with New York.

Kathleen Tessaro
The Flirt. Avon, 2008.
Charming, out-of-work actor Hughie Venables-Smythe makes ends meet by hiring himself out to husbands who want him to flirt with their wives who are feeling neglected, But can this professional flirt find true love for himself? By the same author: Innocence (2005)

Nancy Warren
British Bad Boys. Brava, 2006.
Three tales of men and love in modern England, featuring an Earl name George, a bartender named Arthur and a reluctant brother-of-the bride named Jack. Drool Britannia! By the same author: Bad Boys Down Under (2005).

Alex Wellen
Lovesick. Three Rivers, 2009.
Determined to marry the girl he has loved since boyhood, Andy takes a job working for the girl's pharmacist father. When the hoped for blessing fails to materialize, Andy devises a scheme to get to the altar, but complications arise in the form of his future father-in-law’s big secret, his love object's ex-boyfriend, and an intimidating crime ring of geriatric peddlers in black-market medicines.

Robin Wells
Between the Sheets. Forever, 2008.
Wishing to escape the (innacurate) tabloid rumors that she gave the president elect a fatal heart attack during a carnal encounter, Emma Jamison retreats to her grandmother's small home town to sort things out. But when Granny starts dating the grandfather of district attorney, Emma finds the quiet life she was seeking go bye-bye.. By the same author: The Babe Magnet (2004) & How to Score (2009).

Girls' Night Out, edited by Carole Matthews, Sarah Mlynowski, Chris Manby. Red Dress Ink, 2006.
25 stories on the chick-lit side of romance by author such as Meg Cabot, Marian Keyes, and Lolly Winston.

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